That Really is a Pink Elephant

Nerd Wars is in its final month for this tournament and so far I have turned in a record nine projects. (Let me just clarify that is a personal record. There are people who manage to turn in all six projects every month for three months.) My intention was to recap everything in one post at the end of the tournament but these little guys are too cute not to share today. Making their internet début are Angel and Spike my pocket elephants. These little fellows were created for the Geek Pride Challenge of Follow the Leader (making something that a player from another team made in Round one or two and taking that as inspiration).  Then for the extra points I  had to tie  them back to the show so it was suggested that I use the “elephant in the room” theory and it works perfectly as a vampire slayer in love with a vampire or two is a little bit of a sticky situation.    (I haven’t decided which is Spike and which is Angel yet.)


They were fast and easy to make and I hope that they are less problematic than the minions are.

See what I mean? Those minions are nothing but trouble!


Pattern: Mini Elephant

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