On my Needles and Between My Pages April 18th

On My Needles
After a week of scattered focus, I seem to finally be back on track.  While I am still pretty sure that I may be the WIP Queen (or at least one of the Princesses), I can say that fewer projects are dominating my knitting time.  First, my Hubby’s Masonic Lodge socks have received some love.  The first round of the leg is finished and I am hoping to be finished the first heel this week.

My Epic Blanket of Insanity has become my one a day project and it’s coming along nicely.  (There are photos coming of that tomorrow.)

Lastly, Roam is chugging along.  And I’m enjoying it! And I have row gauge!  That almost made me faint dead away.  And after a brief moment of sheer panic when I thought I had cast on the wrong size, I realized that I hadn’t, and have to very quietly admit (lest the cardigan knitting powers that be hear me and smite me for my arrogance) that it seems to be going fairly, sort-of, maybe a little bit well.  So far.

Between My Pages

The classic coming of age story meets Alice on the other side of the looking-glass, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is exactly what the cover says, peculiar.  That’s not to imply that it is not an enjoyable read.  I look forward to seeing how the plot unfolds and how the charactors develop.  I think it speaks volumes for the author’s creativity that he was able to look at a collection of photos and weave a tale of that incorporates time travel, Romeo and Juliet, super powers (though up until now the super powers have been used for little more than entertainment value) and WWII.  Slightly gritty and rough around the edges, this books lacks the polish of some other novels I have read, but that works well with this story and makes it an intriguing read that I am enjoying.

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