The Epic Blanket of Insanity Goes International

As it turns out, I am not the only person who is willing to devote many, many hours of their knitting life to a sock yarn blanket.  And after working on it for a short period of time I can see why.  Each little miter square is fast to knit up so it’s easy to feel like you’re making progress.  (At lest for now, I admit that I am in the very early stages.) And it’s pretty.  Really pretty.

Here’s my blanket so far.

I’ve been very smart and have been weaving in the ends as I go.

And these are the rest of the squares for the first row.

But, here’s the part where it gets really exciting.  (I realize that non-fibre people wouldn’t think that tiny little knitted squares are even a little exciting, but we know better.)  My blanket is going international!!! I am very fortunate to  have wonderful friends in the knitting community in my city who are willing to pass on ends to me to incorporate into the EBI.  (Which is either really nice of them or some kind of sick social experiment regarding my actual level of sanity  that they have decided to collaborate on and I am the willing brunt of the nasty joke.  You know what they say, ignorance is bliss and I’m willing to go with nice.)  In the first few squares alone I can point out what came from my stash, from my BFF’s stash, and from my friend Suzie’s stash.  It’s already very multicultural so to speak.  And now that diversity is spreading.  Swaps have been arranged with the Twisted Stitcher and with BigMonkeyPie and that means yarn from a whole other country!

My husband was very sweet and helped me wind my extra ends into 10 grams balls so that I could send off the amount of yarn that was agreed upon by both my swap buddies.  (While we were sitting there I did make a comment that apparently I had crossed some sort of fibre related magic line and had gone from addict to dealer since this is clearly intent to traffic.)

Don't mind the escaping Lady Eleanor in the background.

In the end it all looked like this.

So that means that there are now 5 different knitters involved in this blanket.  That works out too one Province and 2 States.  I would love to make this a truly international blanket and collect as many countries, states, and provinces in it as possible.  So, if any other knitter is knitting an EBI and wants to swap, find me on Rav.  (I’m Harleagh.) I’ll be knitting this for a really long time so no rush.

For now,  I’m off to start stalking my Postman.

Knitters involved: 5

Countries: 2

Provinces: 1

States: 2


12 responses to “The Epic Blanket of Insanity Goes International

  • Suzy

    I put your box in the mail yestreday! Some bits are a little more than 10g, some are a little less, all are at least 8. Happy stalking!

  • Bugg

    Welcome to the insanity! I’ve just started mine as well and I swear I’m already going broke trying to collect all the little bits I need for mine. It’s going to take years to finish!

  • Charlotte

    Wow, this looks like so much fun!! I don’t have very much sock yarn but if my stash of 4ply does grow this would be a great project to use up the odds and ends! 😀

  • Buttons and Beeswax

    I can play if you like! I’m in the UK and I’m currently crocheting an epic blanket of infinity – which you are welcome to help with if you’re into crochet, but I’ll knit you a square anyway if you like! I’ve got plenty of sock yarn if you’re not fussed what goes into it – a lot of it is self striping 🙂

  • A Morning Grouch

    Oh my goodness, that is SO COOL! And the blanket is going to look awesome! I love lots of squares.

  • Lisa

    That is a very cool idea, and I love how it came about. Good luck on the EBI 😀

  • Shannon

    Just wanted to swing by to let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂 Thank you for your inspiring posts!

  • sparklesness

    I love this idea!!
    I only wish I wasn’t trying to use up my sock ends at the moment.

  • Michelle

    BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. going from addict to dealer… trafficking yarn… OMG! This provided me with a great laugh!

  • MyKnittingCircle

    OK, I’ll play. I have some sock yarn I’ll donate to the ’cause.’ How do you want me to get it to you?

  • randipants

    Yeah, when you get into using the tiny scale that’s when people look at you strangely. My little scale was actually opened and searched by the post office, I believe. Anyway, your mini-skeins are making their way to you even as we speak. Can’t wait to see them show up in the blankie!

    Also, I never thought to count how many other places were involved in my blanket. I think so far it’s been US-only.

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