3KCBWDAY3 The Perfect Knitting Day – Wild Card

In my head the perfect knitting day has less to do with setting (though let’s be honest and say a lovely cabin surrounded by good friends and a roaring fire with amazing food being placed in front of me and good wine certainly wouldn’t hurt at all) and more to do with what would happen.  (Maybe the occasional deer would saunter past the window and we could all ooh and ahh for a moment.)

There would be no distractions of any sort.  There would only be perfect pleasant conversation and laughing.  All involved would be incredibly happy because we would all be sharing the perfect day together.  The phone wouldn’t ring,  there would be no crying children or job demands.  Whatever you needed would magically appear in front of you with nothing more than a thought to summon it.  You could eat whatever you wanted because nothing would “go to your hips” since the mere act of breathing and knitting would counteract whatever you ingested. But, most importantly your chosen fibre art would be perfect.

Our fingers would make light work of our projects and loop after loop would slip perfectly off of one needle and onto the next.  Gauge would be perfect, every time.  All the patterns would be clear and well written and therefore easy to understand.  Mistakes?  Never.  Not on this day.  By the end of the day, any WIP touched would no longer be a WIP.  Finishing as many projects as you wanted would be simple, because you would have everything you needed including all the skills and speed, to finish whatever your heart desired.  There would be cheers and applause and glasses raised whenever a project was finished, but no one would be so affected by drink as to interfere with their knitting.

And the hours would stretch into a day, and at the end we would sleep among the huge number of WIPS that we had finished, and it would be the best sleep you had ever had.  You would wake up refreshed and relaxed and without a care in the world.  And the best part of the perfect knitting day?  It would all happen again in the morning 🙂


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