3KCBWDAY4 A Knitter for All Seasons

I knit year round.  Just like the old saying about the postal service, neither rain nor snow will stop your mail getting through.  (But, I will argue that incompetent Canada Post Employees have on a number of occasions stopped my mail from getting through, including once when the gentleman behind the counter  tried repeatedly insisted that I had picked up a certain parcel, which I protested adamantly.   Only then did he discover that it had been put with the garbage and almost thrown out. But clearly I digress.)  Unlike the postal service, I actually do knit year round and weather does not stop me.

See, for me knitting is not a hobby.  It’s an addiction.  It’s certainly not as life shattering as say a drug or alcohol addiction, but it is an addiction never the less.  And like any addict I indulge, usually daily, year round.  Weather doesn’t usually have too much of an effect on my knitting as I knit a lot of small things and am willing to knit larger things over the hotter months of the summer because they are usually Christmas gifts and the more I can get done before crunch time hits, the more harmonious my life and marriage tend to be.

A teeny tiny part of my addiction

Spinning, on the other hand, whole other story.  Spinning is mostly a summer hobby for me.  It’s when I have the most free time.  And while I will spin occasionally throughout the year and always miss it when I don’t spin, knitting comes to the forefront and takes over and then my spinning suffers and my wheel waits for the summer to hit so that it will get the love it wants and deserves every day.


So there you have it.  I have been known to cast blankets in the middle of August (which usually makes me shake me head and admit for a second that I may have lost my mind) and breezy cotton scarves in the dead of winter.  I cast on whatever catches my attention at any given moment.  Finishing?  Well that’s a whole other story.  Just ask my pile of WIPS.


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