Epic Blanket of Insanity Update April 2012

If you’re like me, getting stuff put through your mail slot is really nothing exciting and certainly nothing worth sharing.  Bills and junk mail mostly sum  it up.  Social media and email have certainly outweighed the need for me to receive real mail and if it was humanly possible I would get rid of the paper mail all together.  (I mean no offence to the postal service industry, I think you are all hard-working people I just would like to lighten your load a little.  Please keep delivering the mail I do receive)  So, the fact that stalking waiting for the postman (actually a postwoman in our case) to drop the mail off last week was kind of exciting and fun either indicates that my week was incredibly boring (which I can assure you was not the case at all) or that pretty little bits of sock yarn ends were making their way to me.   The anticipation of waiting for boxes full of colour had me way more excited than the thought of coming home and tossing the mail on the table beside the door.  And there is also a certain level of comfort in knowing that there are at least a few other people who share in your insanity and think that it’s perfectly normal to knit an entire blanket out of pretty little ends.

The first package arrived on Tuesday and it was a complete surprise.  Shelly over at the Heathen Housewife is the Godmother of this wonderful idea and the very first blanket is her own creation.  She is the founder of this ever-growing tribe of EBI (Epic Blanket of Insanity)  knitters.  There are directions on her blog to create your own blanket and they are the directions that I am following.  Anyway, way back in the autumn when I first posted about the blanket I contacted Shelly on Ravelry and asked her if I could use one of her photos on my post (since I clearly did not have any EBI photos of my own at that point).  She not only agreed, but asked me for my address and hinted that she may have something that could help me get started.  So I thanked her and sent off my addy.  And then this past week I came home and found this sitting on the side table waiting for me.

I was thrilled and shocked and forced my husband to stop what he was doing to come and look at the package and then I had to explain who it was from and I think he thought it was pretty darn cool too.  (Or he was humouring me, but I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s cool.)  So, I just wanted to say a big Thank You Shelly.  That package really made my day and my blanket will be just a little bit prettier because of it.

Thursday brought another package.  This one was from Suzy over at Twisted Stitcher and was part of a swap that we arranged the week before.  (She received the package I sent her the following day and we’ve already figured out a way to do another swap later in the year.)  It might not have been a surprise, but it didn’t make me any less happy.

So thank you to Suzy and I can tell you that some of those ends have already been put to good use!

The last day of the week brought one more swap package, this one from Randipants over at bigmonkeypie.  (I’m not sure if she’s received my yarn yet.)  She was very sweet and made sure to include the end that I had made mention of during our Ravlery exchanges (it’s the green and brown one and it’s just as super yummy as hoped it would be.)  I think it’s awesome that she took the time to include that for me so you get a big thank you too.

The saying is true, good things do come in small packages.  All three of these packages were a little box of happy at the end of  a work day.

And then, just when I thought that this week couldn’t get anymore colourful I went to the Knitters Frolic (more about that this week) and found a booth where they were selling these.

I realize that my stated goal for this blanket was not to buy any new yarn, but when I came across batches of mini skeins that are perfect for the blanket how was I supposed to resist?  You wouldn’t be able to either.

So now both my basket and my blanket are exploding with colour and my blanket love is growing exponentially.

It's not the correct width yet. It needs to be wider.

If there are any other potential swap buddies out there you can find my on Ravelry.  I’m Harleagh.

My Blanket includes

Knitters (6)

Countries (2)



 Provinces (1)


States (3)


New Hampshire



9 responses to “Epic Blanket of Insanity Update April 2012

  • Charlotte

    So awesome! Is it just sock yarn you are using, or is it any weight? 🙂

  • Cheryl Marie

    I really LOVE the idea. I’ll check out the pattern on Ravelry. And then I’ll check out my stash and see what I have to swap. I’m from North Carolina – so you’d be able to extend the number of states represented in your blanket!

  • Suzy

    Oh hey! Thanks for posting a picture of the yarn I sent you. This helps me know what I should set aside for the next swap! I couldn’t for the life of me remember if I wound off a ball from the socks I just finished or not! Now I know. So your 2nd swap box is already assembling itself.

  • quirkyknitgirl

    They are totally addicting. I may have…um…multiple blankets of insanity on the needles. *cough*

  • Angela Hockabout - Knit Luck

    Ooo that’s a good idea. I have a ton of sock yarn to knit through. Maybe I’ll start knitting blankets with it. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Emma

    That’s going to be such an awesome blanket, so bright and cheerful.

  • randipants

    Dang – sock yarn from the Heathen Housewife herself! That’s some awesome good luck for your blanket.

    Glad the yarns made their way to you safely and I hope they love their new home in the blanket. I’m trying to keep the stuff you sent packed up for now – I opened it and oohed and aahed but if I unpack it completely I know I’ll start working on the blanket and I have some Deadline Knitting to get done. Some time in the next week or so, I’m going to tear into it and have a little blankie binge.

  • Marie/Underground Crafter

    Oooh, yummy. I might be interested in a swap – I’ll contact you on Ravelry!

  • A Morning Grouch

    how fun!! Any packages in the mail are always exciting to me, but these “surprise” ones where you don’t know what to expect inside sounds fantastic.

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