On My Needles & Between My Pages

On My Needles

It would be a slight understatement to claim that my knitting has become a shade redundant in the last few weeks……I’m working on Roam and making a sock yarn blanket.  And then the next day comes along and guess what? Still working on Roam and making a sock yarn blanket.  And really, this isn’t a problem.  I’m making progress on both and enjoying what I am working on, but it makes for really catastrophically boring blogging.  I’ve crossed into broken record territory to be certain, and this is a little strange for me.  Usually I am working on so many things I drown under buckets of woolly goodness.  Those other projects are still there, it’s just that right now, I want to be working on Roam and knitting a blanket.  So there you have it, a self-proclaimed project polygamist knitter is as close to monogamy as I have ever been.  It’s a little frightening.

Between My Pages

There is a little more variation here.  I’ve moved onto The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and it is amazing.  Romeo and Juliet meet Victorian Era Circus life in a well written engrossing novel that is captivating and close to impossible to put down.  This book really should be a must read on everyone’s list.

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15 responses to “On My Needles & Between My Pages

  • cleancup

    I’ve been browsing that book every time I’m in a book store! Glad to know it lives up to its blurbs.

    Monogamous knitting may making boring-ish blogging, but it does lead to FOs more frequently, in my rather limited experience. How many little squares do you have now? and have you started arranging them?

  • Natalie

    I think I’ll add that book to my list, it sounds interesting!

    It’s cool that you have 2 projects that you want to be focusing on – I hope Roam is going well!

  • Tracey

    Thank you for the glowing book review, I have glanced over that book several times never quite sure if I would like it, now I will have to read it.

  • Lisa

    When summer finally gets here and I can read whatever I want, I am going through your blog for suggestions 🙂

  • anjig

    Yay for Roam! I feel like cheering Roam on: “Go Roam, Go!!!!” And sock yarn blankets take forever… sometimes I feel like I knit a bulky project just to get some instant gratification

  • projectstash

    I’ll definitely add that title to my reading list — thank you. As for “boring knitting,” I think it’s great that you have projects you love working on!

  • Jen

    I know how you feel. I’ve been working on my radiating star blanket for what seems like an eternity. It worked up really fast until I had to switch to the 48″ circulars and now it takes forever. Good luck!

  • Heidi

    I feel like I am not accomplishing much when I am working on a large project, but they are so much more satisfying when finished…sometimes I squeeze a quick mindless knit in along the way just cause that feels good too and it is nice to feel like your actually getting it done. Cant wait to see your finished projects :
    My friends and I read the Night Circus in our book club. Great book!

  • Sue

    that sounds an interesting read, one to add to the list

  • Minding My Own Stitches

    It’s hard to blog creatively when you’re working on sock yarn blanket, isn’t it? That’s like a big undertaking! I guess that’s why I like to break up my big projects with little ones.

  • wifemomknitter

    Good to know about that book. I have it on my list to read someday.

  • sarahfay

    A knitter who can be monogamous, what an unusual concept 😛

  • kimmery4

    That pretty much sums up my knitting recently–and while I know I need to finish my two projects, it does make blogging a bit boring. I have heard such great things about that book ever since it came out, and I think my husband even listened to it on audio. Sometimes I think I will read it and then I think about how I don’t really like circuses or the lifestyle therein! The cover is sure eye catching–
    Have fun with that knitting.

  • Kerri

    With that enthusiastic endorsement I just had to add “The Night Circus” to my wish list. Looking forward to reading it…

  • A Morning Grouch

    close to monogamy..hilarious. i am sort of an all-or-nothing person so don’t know how you can be so on top of so many projects at once!

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