The EBI Goes for a Drink

I love knitting with my friends.  I love it even more when it’s bright and sunny and we are on the back patio of our favourite pub.  The have a great selection of really good beer and they are completely used to us taking over a table and covering it in pretty fibre goodness.  The always try to clear our table of things that can get in the way of our fibre  and if it’s not too busy they will even bring our drinks to the table for us.  They are very knitter friendly and we love them for it.

And that’s Roam hanging out on the table

Most of the time we actually knit

Sometimes we just chill

Sometimes I decide that it’s a good idea to climb up onto the bench to get a picture of the EBI.

I figure it’s days of leaving the house are very limited so it had better get to travel while it still can.  And, all knitting does deserve to have some fun from time to time.


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