The Dishcloth Challenge Has not Been Forgotten

I love Canada Day. I think that it might actually be one of my favourite long weekends of the year. If you celebrate the holiday and you’re like my husband and I, it’s an excuse to get together with friends, BBQ, drink wine, child wrangle and knit. It just seems to be a way more stress free weekend than say Thanksgiving or Christmas. You just don’t see the ads on TV or interviews on talk shows about “having a stress free Canada Day dinner”.  And I don’t think that I have ever had anyone tell me that they need to drink heavily or have considered fleeing the country under cover of night to survive or avoid a Canada Day BBQ.  Canada day isn’t something that anyone in my circle of friends has to endure, it’s something that we enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I am blessed to have an amazing relationship with my husband’s family, but we all know what it’s like trying to juggle three different family functions in two days and then having to take over hosting duties at the last possible second because your sister-in-law has contracted something resembling the plague and is re-enacting scenes from The Exorcist all over her apartment and has probably spread her nasty Linda Blair inducing germs to all the food and since you don’t want to be responsible for your SIL becoming the next Typhoid Mary you agree to host whatever the event is even though you are painfully under-prepared and then have to figure out when the hell you are going to scrub the toilet and brave the nightmare that is every grocery store over a holiday weekend. (Okay, I admit that last part might just be me.) But, you just don’t hear about that kind of thing happening on Canada Day.

So, to honour my favourite stress free long weekend I made this little cloth. It’s super fast and easy and is a well written pattern.  This little cloth was finished in very little time.

The pattern is free and is the Garden Maple Leaf dishcloth. I have no idea what the yarn is. It is cotton and it’s from my stash.

I think I may make a set up in autumn leaf colours next.

The original idea for this challenge came from Ruth (and she sucked in Kimmery and I). Head on over to her blog to read all about it.

Check out our Ravelry group to join in the fun. It’s here.


5 responses to “The Dishcloth Challenge Has not Been Forgotten

  • sparklesness

    Canada day sounds a lot like Australia day.

    It’s a BBQ, beer, and hottest 100 (music countdown).
    No family obligations, but good company and good times.

    Nothing quite like a long weekend.
    Glad to see the knitting mojo is returning.

  • Suzy

    While I can’t say that I’ve had that experience due to Canada, I can definitely appreciate your grocery store reaction on other holiday weekends. UGH! I hate the place on an average Tuesday. Holiday weekends… No thank you.

  • Kim

    Oh I hate to say that the last part of your holiday description has kind of happened to me so I totally get it! Your cloth is charming and a set of autumn colored ones would be special for the season. I spotlighted dishcloths yesterday in my yop update. Have a great week-

  • Ruth

    I really love your Canada Day cloth, sounds like our St Patricks Day and yoru right it is always so much more stress free, you can just enjoy it more with no crazy things going on. I especially love the colour, it would be great in autumanl colours but when I think Canada I think Red lol.

  • A Morning Grouch

    Hahaha, I love your “hypothetical” example of a stressful holiday weekend. It’s true that those little reasons to celebrate that don’t dominate an entire weekend or require everyone in the family to be in the same place at the same time are so much more enjoyable. And this is why camping is awesome – you can create one of those little holidays with whoever you want, whenever you want!

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