Unloved WIP Support Group – Half Sock

“And to conclude this week’s meeting, it seems that we have a very special guest indeed. Our much-loved but long-suffering friend, Out of the Comfort Zone Sock, seems to have brought an almost finished sister with her.”

A moment of excitement is hushed when the sock and her half made mate stand up. All woolly garments turn and watch the pair as they walk up to the podium. The half made sock trails slightly behind, seemingly very self-conscious of her half completed stitches, which make her slightly awkward. She is convinced that the gentle tap tap of her DPN’s is echoing through the hall as she tries to gently put them onto the ground as she walks. She takes note of the way the evening light is streaming through the window, and how pretty the little bits of fibre dust are as they dance around the light beam. After a brief pause at the base and as deep of a breath as she can muster, Half Sock steps up to the podium where a small box is waiting for her to stand on so that she that she can see and be seen.

“It is with great excitement and a little trepidation that I introduce my half-sister” began Out of the Comfort Zone Sock. “In the short time that we have been together we have become very good friends. But I fear that she will suffer the same fate that I had. You see, in a few rows Half will be in exactly the same spot that I was when our knitter tossed us aside and moved onto to other projects, and dare I say even other socks, with an enthusiasm that she once had for me.”

Momentary frustrated muttering ripples through the crowd, especially from the other socks in various states of completion.

“And my concern is that we will be stuck like this for months with no guarantee that we will even be in the same part of the knitting basket. Not only will our knitter not finish us, she won’t even allow us to remain together, having no idea how detrimental it is for our morale to be apart.” Half sock involuntary moves closer to her big sister and nuzzles her slightly. “Even more concerning is that we will be stuffed into the active sock project bag with the other sock projects with no room to breathe or stretch and no light for months at a time.”

“I know that some of you have had similar experiences and you understand that my fear is justified.  But for now, I’m going to try to focus on the positive and enjoy my time with my sister while we dream of the day that we will be inside a pair of stylish yet  affordable boots and keeping the toes of our knitter warm and dry”.  Full sock gives half sock a hug before going back to their seats.

The rest of the WIPs break out in cheers as the socks make their way back to their seats.

“And know that we will support you throughout he process and wish you luck” said the group moderator 12year old sleeveless cardigan.  “Unless there is any other business, that will concluded tonight’s U.L.W.S.G. meeting.  We will meet again next week same place same time.  Until then, may your needles be smooth, your stitches be swift, and the love of your knitter shine down upon you.”


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