She Saved the World A Lot – A Slayer Worthy Wash Cloth

Nerd Wars is back, and we are in the second month of tournament five.  And I am again on Team Hellmouth, which is truly where I need to be, since I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this (ha!) little knitting competition, Nerd Wars is a group on Ravelry where fibre loving people come together and create items inspired by our favourite fandom.  The teams are vast and varied and chances are, if you are a fan of pretty much anything you can find your tribe and join up with them.  Each month has six different challenges that you can compete in and your project has to reflect the challenge.  If you can tie it to your team, you also get team spirit points.  For every month there is also a team unity project.  Those projects (at least in the Hellmouth) are a team decision and while it certainly doesn’t mean we all create the same item, it does mean that we create something with the same team tie-in in mind and then we get extra points for out team based on those projects.

I love Nerd Wars for a bunch of reasons.  I love Buffy and finding things to create from one of my favourite shows & graphic novels is a world of fun.  (Though I draw the line at knitting a Xander inspired eye patch.  I have, however, crafted scarves, mitts, toy elephants, a set of minions, and a Mr. Pointy.)  I am always amazed at the number of ways  that as a group we can tie our projects to our show.  My two elephants, for example, were named Spike and Angel and represented the love relations that Buffy had with two vampires while having a stated mission of killing all vampires, hence the elephant in the room connection.  The other reason why I love Nerd Wars is at least once a month, I have an excuse to knit a dishcloth for one of the challenges, so it’s encouraging my dishcloth challenge to move a long at a steady pace.

This is my most recent cloth, and I squeaked it in just under the line for the last round of Nerd Wars.  It was the last cloth that had to be knit to bring the dishcloth challenge total up to 12 by July 1st.


I am now officially at the half way mark of my dishcloth challenge and right where I need to be to complete all 24 cloths by the end of the year.  (For a complete list of all the other cloths I have made, you can go here.   It needs a little updating, but most of them are there with links to the patterns.  I only knit free dishcloths so if you find one you like you can have a little instant gratification knitting of your own on your needles in no time.)

This little peace sign cloth got to wear a lot of hats, so to speak.  First, it was the 12th cloth.  Next it fulfilled the technical challenge posted last month in Nerd Wars – craft something representative of a past era – the 1960’s appeared on the list.  I got team tie in points ’cause you know Buffy was always trying to save the world and make it a more peaceful place, and think about how important a good wash cloth would be if your job involved skulking around at night killing demons of unholy origins.  It’s not a clean job and a little dirt and grime would be the least of your concerns.  (I think that’s why we never saw any of the characters wearing the same outfit twice.  What would you use to get otherworldly ichor out of your clothes and hair?)  After a rough night of slaying a girl would just need to soak and scrub the night away, don’t you think?   And finally, (*what follows is a tiny little spoiler if you are watching the series and not finished it yet, you may want to skip to the last paragraph*) it was my team unity project as we had to knit something that represented Dawn (Buffy’s very annoying supernatural sort-of sister) so I used the last of my green cotton to represent the colour of Dawn’s energy.  (To all the fibre people reading this, at least your annoying little sisters never had green energy exploding from them when you didn’t let them play with you.  Your sibling could have been far worse.)

So that’s how one little cloth can be way more than a cloth.  I already have my next cloth picked and it is for Nerd Wars.  It’s a Snoopy cloth.  For the Buffy people reading this, I’m pretty sure you all get the joke.  For anyone else who’s confused about what the hell Snoopy has to do with Buffy, I promise I’ll explain it all when it’s posted.


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