And Now for Something Completely Different

So I guess the title is a little misleading.  It’s not completely different.  I’m not talking about hang gliding, or deep-sea diving.  It’s still about knitting, which by extension means yarn and needles, and in this case socks.  I do understand that none of this is something different.  But there is a difference, I promise.  It’s the way I’m making the socks.

I have been knitting now for about nine years, but I haven’t been a sock knitter for very long, maybe the last 3 years.  I tried to be a sock knitter, I wanted to be a sock knitter, but I hated the teenie tiny DPN’s that you needed to use.  Those first few sock attempts were marked with tears and frustration and the realization that a sock (or in my case the hours of knitting, swearing, and tears that resulted in a few rounds being on the needles) on a set of four DPN’s will actually bounce if you get mad enough to pitch it across the room.  But at no point did anything even close to a sock emerge from those attempts.  In fact what did happen was that I was pretty sure that I would never, ever be a sock knitter.  I convinced myself that I didn’t need or want handknit socks and would loudly proclaim that I just didn’t get putting that much effort into something that no one really sees.

And then I discovered Magic Loop and things started to fall into place.  And socks started to appear and I got it.  And now I love knitting socks.  And I’ve been a happy sock knitter.

So what possessed me to do this is, well, kind of a mystery.


But you know what, it’s going well.  Though I was a little confused by the whole making the guesset on dpn’s since I have become a master at altering patterns on the fly to accommodate Magic Loop and having to follow the directions as written did briefly slow me down.  But otherwise they are working out swimmingly.

So there it is.  You can teach an old knitter a new technique and it can be done without tears or knitting shotput being invloved.   And soon I should have a brand new pair of Jaywalkers.  Or at least that’s the plan.


10 responses to “And Now for Something Completely Different

  • bapsi

    a knitter who finally succeeds at something that was once completely frustrating is really nice to see. i hope maybe i’ll overcome my own frustration and finally figure out how to make my own socks without breaking needles in half ! xD

  • Ruth

    Really love the look of your socks and I love the yarn your using. Well done for mastering DPN’s. I knit mine with DPN’s and the thought of magic loop scares me, perhaps I need to follow your example and give the opposite of what I do a go to knit socks.

  • Lisa

    And I feel your pain, me and dpns for socks do not get along, but magic loop is so genius! I love it!

  • projectstash

    What yummy socks! I love all methods regarding socks: toe-up, magic loop, DPNs, cuff-down. They’re all such fun.

  • Tara

    That colorway is FANTASTIC… what is it? I love using magic loop since I learned, and very rarely go back to the pointy little spears of annoyance (aka DPNs) if I can help it!

  • Renee Anne

    I have yet to do socks via Magic Loop. I am doing socks on two circulars but I’m mostly a DPN type of gal.

    Then again, I’ve only completed three pairs of socks for me and three pairs of socks for a baby (one was a prototype that I haven’t written the pattern for and the other two were for Little Man). And I have three pairs on needles right now (two with DPNs, and one with the aforementioned two circulars). I’m not sure if that qualifies me to be a “sock knitter” but we’ll go with it.

  • Sue

    great yarn. I need to get back to socks, going to try them on a short circular needle

  • Sue

    I was in the exact same boat as you until I discovered Magic Loop…now I’m a very happy sock knitter too….

  • Allison

    Your Jaywalkers look great! I’m also a huge fan of magic loop, so I haven’t used dpns is quite a while (mostly because I tend to drop them and then never find them again). But sometimes they work better than magic loop for certain projects.

  • A Morning Grouch

    cute! amazing how the right tool can make everything so much easier.

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