On My Needles & Between My Pages July 11th

On My Needles

An interesting thing has happened to me this summer.  The huge lack of knitting time is really forcing me to value what knitting time I do have, and I have started to work on some old WIPS so that they can be finished and off the needles.  These little slippers are a prime example.

The pattern is Saturday Morning Slippers and while I have had to alter the pattern a little to make them the right size (my gauge was a little off) I am finding them to be a very fast knit and I am pleased with the progress that I am making.  Even with the lack of knitting time, I think that these should be finished soon and will be ready to send off to my Mum in time for her birthday.  I will be very happy to have these off the needles and to reclaim the space in my basket!!!!

Between My Pages

I could again blather on about The Night Circus (yes, I’m still reading it and in reality I’m having a very difficult time not tossing the studies aside for a day and just reading that last 150 pages) and how it’s become a little darker and how I’m starting to become concerned for the well-being of some of the main charactors.  However, if you’ve read any of my last few Wednesday posts you know how much I love this book and I don’t think I need to repeat myself.

While anticipating my summer break, I had thought that his section would have been far more vast and varied.  I was hoping to read the majority of the Game of Thrones series, a few silly toss off books like Dawn of the Dreadfuls, and this book.

I was told by two women that this was the most frightening book that they had ever read.  These two women are very well-read smart, worldly, well-educated women.  The are not the kind of women that scare easily.  So when they both gave the book the same review, I figured it was worth a shot.  I have managed to sneak in the first 50 pages and then I turned it over to  my husband since I was beginning to have very serious doubts about being able to put this book down.  When my husband was finished he told me not to start reading it again until we were on vacation because I was in fact correct and that I would not be able to put the book down possibly at the expense of eating, sleeping, and passing my assignments.  So it’s become my designated vacation reading.  And with any luck, I might actually be able to read the whole thing.  It would be nice to finish a book this summer, ’cause right now that’s in doubt too.

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