The EBI goes to Knit Night

A little while ago I decided to embark on the adventure that is making a sock yarn blanket.  It’s a little crazy, since it will take me a very long time to finish it, but it so much fun and very pretty.  (And we all need a little crazy in our lives from time to time just to keep things interesting and a sock yarn blanket is way less of a gamble than swimming with a Great White or getting lost in the Amazon.  It’s just the right level of crazy.  In fact I think it’s more like knitting spice than crazy.  But that’s just me and I am completely willing to admit that I may have just come to accept my level of psychosis and have become comfortable with the crazy.)  And it’s great when I only have a few minutes of knitting time.   I pick up the blanket and add a new square. I’ve received and exchanged yarn with other blanket knitters and love the idea of having little bits of yarn from all over the world in the blanket. You can read more about that here.

But last night the blanket had a little trip within my own city when I took it to knit night at one of my LYS.
First I finished a sock.

And then I pulled out the blanket and added a square. Before the light faded and we had to call it a night I thought I’d snap a few photos. It is getting a little challenging to photograph, but here it is.




So far I have yet to repeat colours, but I will have to start doing that soon. It is also going to become relatively difficult to keep hauling around the city with me very soon but until that happens I will keep taking it out for little adventures and showing it the world of knitting.

Pro tip:  If you want to start your own Epic Blanket of Insanity, weave in your ends as you go. It’s a life saver.


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