Back in the Real World and Almost Knitting

So as at least a few of you know I have been out of the fibre and blogging scene for a bit because of a mashed up right hand.  (My hand got stuck in a door knob at a local restaurant.  When the door was opened from the other side, my thumb went and the rest of me stayed behind.)  I spent four days eating Advil like candy and about ten days with my hand in a brace.  I did figure out how to knit very slowly while wearing the brace and I was able to make some progress on my Jaywalkers, but not much.

Fortunantly, my hand got a much needed rest while we were in Cuba for a week.  The pool bar staff were very nice and would keep me supplied with ice cubes for my hand in so that I didn’t have to wear my brace in the pool. They also gave me booze, which may have helped a little too, come to think of it.  (It does mean that I didn’t get to try wind surfing or go snorkeling this trip, but we still had a lovely time.)   So not much in the way of a knitting update, but I thought I’d share these pics.  (BTW – met another knitter!  We shared fibre stories over drinks.  I tried to explain Clamato juice to her.  She’s from Britain.  I’m not sure she believed me when I told her it was tasty.   Hi M!!!)

This was our view.  That is just a tiny section of the pool.  I finished almost the entire first Game of Thrones book while sitting on that spot.

It was a rough week

That’s me walking down the “market way” towards the beach sporting both the brace and the sun burn I got while camping at Pinery Park the weekend before leaving for Cuba.  The sunburn was more of a hassle than the brace by that point.

Because I was our second time to the same resort (Playa Pesquero if you’re interested) we were invited to the “returning guests gala.”  The gave us champagne and live music and a special dinner in the beach resturaunt.   It was fun and tasty and surf and turf so it worked out fine.  I gave J my “turf” and he gave me his “surf”.  I got to eat more lobster in that dinner than I do in six months here.

This year we were sure not to miss the pig roast.  (Last year we were in Gibarra on pig roast day).  That’s my hubby turning the spit.  He was happy and later we were both full.

And the peacocks had babies!!! They are very cute but don’t yet eat mint leaves from the Mojitios.  You can feed the Mum.  I’m pretty sure she might actually be a little bit of a lush as we did catch the same peacock drinking a beer a little later on.  (The beer was from a guest who was holding the glass for her.  The staff were in  no way responsible for the peacock having the beer.  Nor would the bird come close to you without a guest offering it food or drinks).

There are two of the three babies in this pictures, but they are super well camouflaged. Look between the two large birds.

Overall, even with the brace, it was still a great trip.  Plus, if you’re going to be stuck somewhere while not being able to knit or do up your own bra, cut your own meat up, do up buttons, or brush your teeth without cursing to the heavens, (you see where I’m going with this right? ), you might as well be in a place where they bring you whatever you want and your biggest decision in the day is where to eat lunch.  And the rest seems to have done my hand some good as I am actually typing this with both hands and my thumb is only protesting a little.  Now if only I could hold something heavier than a teaspoon in that hand…….

BTW – if you’re  thinking of going to Cuba and you want an  honest review of the resort drop me a line.  We do love it, but it does have the odd quirk.  That being said, we will be going back again.

And a question to my friends in the U.K.  Do the men there routinely get drunk and moon the pub?  That may have happened a few times (Ed. Note: Vacationing Brits did the mooning, not me or her. -J)  while we were there 🙂


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