Sometimes Accidents Happen

This month my friend Emily celebrated a wonderful milestone in her life.  She’s been in Canada for 20 years.  Em decided that she wanted to celebrate with her friends, and in a decision that may appear to be stereotypically Canadian, she decided to arrange a camping weekend on her DH’s family property on Amherst Island.  (Just for the record, I can assure you that not all Canadians like tent camping.  I’ve had my fair share of people look at me like I’ve grown a second head when I say ‘why yes, at least once a year my husband and I leave the comfort of our house behind and sleep on the ground, outdoors, in the “wild”.  Yes, I have on occasion peed outside in the forest behind a shrub – it’s rather liberating, you should try it sometime.)  So that’s what we did.

In reality, that’s what most people did.  My Hubby and I decided to day trip it this time due to other things that are happening in life, but we didn’t want to miss out on hanging with everyone so we comprised and went for a lovely long drive in the country.

The drive ended here. It was worth the trip.

Emily, who is a long time knitter herself, also pointed out that there was a sheep farm on the island where they sold both sheep and yarn.  So the first stop had to be the farm.  And there, I may have had a little yarn purchasing accident.  But, I wasn’t alone in my tripping and landing face first in a pile of yarn purchases as there were five knitters on the trip.  We may have bought a lot of yarn between the group of us.

Sadly, the one person missing is Emily!

How many balls did I buy? A few.  More than I intended.  See, my Hubby was with me because we had been running late due to a problem with the ferry, so we went right to the sheep farm and yarn shed instead of stopping by the property first.  (It really is a shed that had been converted into a store.  I had no idea that a shed could be so full of pretty things.)   While we waited to be let in I talked to the sheep and completely forgot to snap any pictures (oops).  But then we were in the shed and I was staring at a wall of pretty yarn and telling my Hubby to pick out a colour for a hat and a scarf and I did the same.  And then I noticed the price and my heart skipped a beat.  Then I took a quick glance at the yardage and I think I may have blacked out for a brief second before turning and calmly saying, “put that back and decide what you want your next sweater to be made from.”  And then I did the same. The reasonable number of red and orange skeins were put back on the shelf and the rather unreasonable number of natural and heather green skeins were instead purchased.


18 skeins to be exact.  18 skeins for two sweaters for under $100 and I had just been talking to the sheep that had been kind enough to donate their wool to my cause.  How is any right thinking knitter supposed to resist that? The answer is, you don’t.  Between all the knitters I think we bought somewhere over the 40 skein mark.  And one of the other knitters and I may have decided to split the cost of a lamb ’cause we sort of like cooking with lamb.   (Hey Williams – you want in on that or are you too biased towards Kiwi lamb?  We will be placing the final order next month.) We sort of made his day – the farm owner, not the lamb that we intend to turn into tasty Scotch Broth.

So I dove head first into a pill of wool and got to spend a wonderful if not slightly abbreviated day with my friend celebrating her arrival in Canada.  It was a great day and a wonderful way to celebrate our friend.  We are lucky to have you in Canada and are better for it.  Just for the love of all things holy, keep me away from the yarn shed in September please!!!!!


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