I Learned a Secret During the Ravellenic Games

As most of you surely know, Sunday was the closing ceremonies for the Olympic Games, and that means it was the end of the Ravellenic Games as well.  As so, for another two years, we bid it adieu and we wait for the winter games so we can do it all again.

Just in case there are knitters reading this who don’t know what I’m talking about (It really can happen.  I met a long time knitter while I was on vacation who had never heard of Ravelry), you join a team, you fit projects into “events,” you do your very best to finish said projects, and then you post them in the right place and make it to “the podium” and earn medals for your team.  The events are vast and varied and usually a cute play on words.  They are a way to encourage knitters to watch the Olympics while they are knitting.  So I did both as much as time would allow.  (Canada has really good female wrestlers.  I had no idea.  Really folks, Canadian girls generally don’t have to fight off bears on a regular basis, I really don’t know where they came from.  The wrestlers that is.  I know where the bears come from.)  And, I made it to the podium three times.  And this is where the secret come in.

You know why I made it to the podium three times? Because I had to be (are you sitting down folks?  ‘Cause anyone who reads my blog regularly or knits will be just as shocked as I was when I realized what had happened) reasonable and realistic about what I actually could accomplish during the Olympic Games.  Just in case you missed that, I HAD TO BE REASONABLE ABOUT MY KNITTING!!!!!  I know, I’m in shock too.

So what led to this irrational behaviour on my part? (‘Cause I think you all know this didn’t “just happen”).  First, I was in Cuba for the beginning of the games.  And while I am normally the type of knitter who will drag myself out of bed, drink a pot of coffee, and sit in my PJ’s during the opening ceremonies to cast on, I was vacation and there was not chance of that happening.  I’m not even sure that the TV in the room worked, ’cause really, why would I check? Furthermore, TV reception in Cuba is a shade unreliable.  Sometimes they have clear reception, sometimes you and your husband are sitting with a bunch of Brits and Auzzies in an outside bar trying to figure out it what swimming event is actually happening and what country just won and wondering how it can possibly be snowing in an indoor pool in the middle of July in London, England.  (I suppose weirder things have happened).  The first few days of the games were spent there as well, and knitting just wasn’t high on the list of things to do.

Next is the Great Thumb Injury of 2012.  Nothing forces you more into rational behaviour then a physical hindrance.  I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to do any knitting at all, so I literally couldn’t set any lofty goals for myself.

Finally, the academic work.  My very inconsiderate college clearly doesn’t understand the importance of knitting and final assignments were scheduled to be due during the Olympics!!!!!  Really, have you heard of anything more rude? So instead of knitting during the diving or gymnastics I was writing research papers on decreasing food selectivity in autistic children and the ethical concerns surrounding parents being therapists to members of their own families.  Sigh.  Really cut back on my knitting time.

So the goals I set had to be small and realistic.  (And in my opinion way below my regular standards.)  But you know something, it kind’ve worked.  I had two entries in Frogging Trampoline and one entry into the Modular Relay and I finished them all.


First reclaimed ball – it’s Koigu


Next reclaimed ball – Kauni!!


All these little balls have been added to my EBI!!!!!!

So what have I learned? That I can be reasonable with my knitting when forced to be.  That when I am reasonable I can finish things.  That I can understand the appeal of having less projects on the needles at one time and having a far more focused attitude about knitting.  Those are all good things.

And realistically, a week from now when my two exams are finished and I have three weeks of work and academic freedom, I will forgot all of that.   Because in that time I will finish everything and be WIP free.  Shhhh…….it can happen………..and it will 😉

6 responses to “I Learned a Secret During the Ravellenic Games

  • Suzy

    I totally believe you can finish everything and be WIP free in 3 weeks. Absolutely.

    As for the Ravellenics, I was completely unrealistic about what I can accomplish in 17 days. Yet I pulled it off. This is so not going to be good for the next round. In winter. When I don’t want to go outside and have nothing on the schedule to interrupt knitting time. 4 projects plus two dye projects us going to go BOZANGA and turn into a dozen if I’m not careful… HELP ME!

  • Shateen

    Awesome job! Your paper sounds interesting! I’d love to read it! And “WIP Free in Three” has a nice ring to it…hmm it almost sounds like a “challenge”!! I’d take that on!

  • Kim

    Gee, you make it sound like knitting a size 18 fingering weight cardigan in 14 days is an unreasonable goal. You know, if you also factor in determining that the colour of the yarn isn’t exactly right and you need to redye it. And start again, 6 days in.

    In other news, hey! did you know you have friends who are freaks??? 😉

  • Gracey

    Way to go….I finished a WIP, made a scarf and a sheep…but they are also for Nerd Wars…so I medaled in WIP, oneskein, scarf and toy toss

  • uknit2

    I crossed the finish line 5 times. But I counted the doll clothes I made as projects. It’s on my blog. I learned a lot too. I think I’ve learned how important big is to focus on one project at a time. Great post!

  • A Morning Grouch

    Okay, I LOVE that there is such a thing as Ravellenic Games. Seriously, I love this. And…I’m not so sure you LEARNED anything, rather you were forced into it. But either way, congrats. And glad the great thumb injury of 2012 is a thing of the past.

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