FO Friday – A Lovely New Pair of Socks

So in my last life I had time to knit and finish things.  And I had the mental fortitude and creativity to write blog posts about my lovely finished items.  But then real life went into overdrive and both those things kind’ve disappeared  for a while.   (But I do have a cunning plan up my sleeve to at least keep up the blogging in the autumn though I make no promises about the Finished Objects).

But, all that aside, this week I have an FO to share and I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to start my day by drinking a coffee and writing a post because that is a relatively enjoyable way to start a day.

So here it (they) is (are).  My second completed pair of Jaywalkers.   And the yarn is Candy Skein fingering weight in Halloween Treats.



I love them.  This really was a perfect pairing of yarn and pattern. The colours didn’t pool in any unpleasant ways and the base is lovely to work with.  I have made this pattern before. It’s simple and mindless and if it wasn’t for my wrecked right thumb, (it’s improving every day), I can make these in under two weeks.  But, a word to the wise…..heed the warning about this pattern not being very stretchy as it is written.  It is not.  I have made both my pairs of Jaywalkers on 2.5mm and followed the large size.  It makes a sock that is snug in all the right places and really fits like a glove or a sock should.  And ’cause I know at least one person will wonder, I have long narrow size 8 1/2 Canadian feet with long toes to match.

BTW – if you’re new to sock making these are a great intro pair.

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