YOP Update – Sept 2nd, 2012

Recently my knitting life seems to be all about blankets and socks and the odd combination of the two when I work on the Epic Blanket of Insanity.  But, for the last couple of weeks it’s  almost a certainty that if I am knitting it is one of those items in my hands.  Today will not be an exception.  I have one final square to knit for Widget’s Blanket and I am rather determined to finish it by tomorrow.  I would like to actually present the blanket to my BFF before the baby arrives and  Little Widget needs his “Welcome to the World Teacup Human” gift ontime.  It’s also turned out to be a wonderful stash busting project so I am very pleased by that.

No direct changes to the list since last week, but I’m very close to having another finish.  Hope everyone has a great fibre filled week.

A Year of Projects the Sequel 


  • Stained glass mittens
  • Fiddle Heads
  • Cherie
  • Slippers – mom
  • Rattlesnake creek
  • Roam
  • Oliver’s Blanket
  • Noro Log Cabin (finished Aug 2012)
  • Algonquin
  • Walnut Grove
  • Masonic Lodge Socks


  • Stage Door
  • Central Park Hoodie
  • Angural Cardi
  • Julia
  • Iced
  • Wallis
  • Bohus
  • Jon’s Sweater (for DH)

Shawls (12 in 12)

  • #7 Cliff of insanity
  • #8 Earth and Sky
  • #9 Wingspan (Finished July 2012)
  • #10 Colour affection (Finished Aug 2012)
  • #11
  • #12


  • Jaywalker (Finished Aug 2012)
  • Lenore
  • Carousel (In Progress)
  • Fargyles (In Progress)
  • Staked
  • Flutter Bye’s
  • Aargon
  • Nutkin
  • Cubist socks
  • Annapurna


  • Locksley
  • Stephen West gloves
  • Willow mitts
  • Ellipses
  • Frankenstein (In Progress)
  • Hypernova
  • Anne Hanson fingerless gloves


4/42 Complete

13/38 In Progress

Dishcloth challenge


Balls in/out

2/12.5  July

19/4  August

0/0 Sept

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