Daily Archives: September 4, 2012

The Unloved WiP Support Group Have a Few Goodbyes

“We here at the U.L.W.S.G. believe that any Goodbye is a good Goodbye” began the group moderator (the 12 year old sleeveless cardigan). “And while a goodbye due to completion is always preferred, goodbyes due to frogging are just as important.”

“This week, one of our group’s contributing members made some hard decisions about two of her projects, our friends, and has returned them back to their original state. As she said, she’d come to realize she was no good to these projects and they were no good for her.”

First on the frogging list was our knitter’s first attempt at a lace shawl. Started in 2009, it quickly became clear that this was not an enjoyable knit. Holding on to the hope that she would develop the skills she needed to one day finish this, she put it aside, and improved her knitting skills on other projects. Somewhere during 2011 she picked it up again with renewed interest. But alas my friends, our knitter realized very quickly that this still wasn’t a match made in heaven and back in the basket it went. Now the yarn has been reclaimed and slated for another project, which in a nasty bit of irony does have a lace element to it. Let’s hope it goes better this time.


Next up are the socks that have been affectionately known as the “what exactly do these instructions mean?” socks. Cast on with much excitement and enthusiasm, the leg flew off the needles, as did the heel. Then came the gusset with directions that just didn’t make any sense. And while the knitter had on a number of occasions thought about taking the sock to other knitters to ask for help, it just never seemed to happen, and finally one day she was looking at the sock thinking that the yarn would make a lovely pair of Lenores for her mother and off the needles it went.


Now, don’t fret too much for these projects. Both were entered into the Frogging Trampoline category of this summer’s Ravellenic Games and our knitter made it to the podium twice because of our friend’s sacrifice.

So let us take a moment of silence to honour of our frogged friends, and remember not to mourn them but to wish them luck and happiness in their new projects and hope that we never see them here again.

Do you have a WIP that could use some love and support from the U.L.W.S.G? Drop me a message on Ravelry and tell me about it and a future meeting will be held in their honour. Permission to use a few photos would be greatly appreciated.