Daily Archives: September 14, 2012

FO Friday – Baby Love

Normally I cringe at deadline knitting.  It’s the type of knitting that if I want to enjoy it at all I have to start  and finish it months in advance.  I didn’t manage to get this done that far in advance.  Realistically it may only be a few days in advance, but this  blanket was finished before Widget came into the world so I am considering this a huge success.

The pattern is Adventurine

The yarn is all various balls of knit picks that I had in my stash with a tiny bit of left over IndigoDragonfly to make up for the fact that one of my balls of grey went missing before I even cast the blanket on and I have never found it.  (Believe me, I tossed my entire stash looking for it.  It’s not there and then I had to clean the mess up.  I was really not impressed at all.  And before you start thinking that maybe I never had the ball in the first place, I confirmed with my Rav stash picture that I did have two.  I live in a one bedroom flat.  Tossing the yarn stash all over the living room is not something I do unless I really, really, have too).

But, even with that little set back, the blanket is finished.  I even weaved in all the ends.  I had threatened to make my BFF do that part since I had just knit an entire blanket for her soon to be here son 😉  (See how much I love you Ms. K?) At some point I will have a picture with a baby in it, but until then these will have to do.




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