On My Needles & Between My Pages Sept 19th, 2012

On My Needles

There is no denying that autumn is in the air.  The nights are becoming blessedly cooler and the mornings are a little nippy.  I even remembered to have my favorite autumn boots taken into the cobbler to be resoled.  It must mean autumn in coming.  I love autumn.  In fact, if it didn’t indicate really scary things happening in the climate,  I would love to oscillate between summer and autumn all year round. (I certainly could do without winter).  I am also pretty sure it’s why Roam is suddenly back in my hands after a four-month rest.  I suddenly really want to finish this little Cardi and I even want to start another one.  I am blaming the cooler weather for this sudden turn of events in my knitting world.  I suppose that there could be other reasons too, but those seem far less straightforward then a chill in the air, and these days I am all about straightforward.  I have finished the “right front” section which means both the front and the back are finished and I have started the first sleeve.  I am still relatively slow at moss stitch, so I don’t expect any big miracle finishes, but I am hoping to have the sleeve off the needles sometime this week, assuming of course that I don’t get distracted by something else.


Hmmmm……Maybe I should change the name of this section from On My Needles to My Current Knitting Distraction.

Pattern: Roam

Yarn: IndigoDragonFly in Polwarth silk

Between My Pages

Normally I wouldn’t review a book that I have read for college.  However, Let Me Hear Your Voice by Catherine Maurice is a wonderful book that provides insight about a one family’s struggle with the diagnosis of Autism not once but twice, in a time when Autism was even less understood than it is now.  Written as a memoir by the mother, Maurice, it is unabashed and unapologetic about the emotional impact that the diagnosis has had on her family and friends, and the myriad of emotions that she has to struggle to deal with.  This book is a valuable read for anyone who is interested in the subject or is struggling with these issues in their own lives.  While ?? does repeatedly indicate that she can only write about her own family, and that what worked in their case may not work in all cases, there is still a great deal of wisdom between these pages.


Note all the little tabs. Could be helpful for the assignment that I have to write based on the book.

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10 responses to “On My Needles & Between My Pages Sept 19th, 2012

  • Tina

    It’s starting to get cooler in the evenings in my neck of the woods too. I love the pattern you are working on and have added it to my favorites on Ravelry 🙂

  • Regula

    I’m with you, I don’t like winter. It scares me. But I sure love autumn. It’s the time of knitting lovely sweaters for the cold saison. Love your project.

  • Suzy

    SO with you on the season of doom being unnecessary! But it does make knitting feel like a much better idea than it did a few months back when it was 99 in the shade!

    totally unrelated- I owe you a box of yarn. any particular total weight i should be aiming for? I am pretty sure I have 6 balls set aside specifically because they were finished knits since our last swap, but I have more I could send…

  • Heather

    It is definitely fall here. We are in the 30’s and low 40’s at night…still getting to about 70 during the day, but I am looking for a lot more tea than usual 🙂 SO inspired by everyone knitting sweaters this week. I might have to go on a little shopping spree for myself!

  • greenfreaks

    winter is lovely here in AZ, it is finally cooling down here as well. only 100 during the day. LOL
    the book sounds really interesting.

  • Vanessa

    My niece is a speech therapist and does work with autistic kids. I’ll suggest the book to her!

  • Random Knits

    I caught the fall knitting bug too. I have huge plans for projects plus two I am already working on.

  • Leslie

    If it weren’t for distractions, how boring knitting would be. . .
    and fall is my very favorite season of the year!

  • suddenexpression

    I love when the Autumn season starts too. There’s enough of that cool crispness to the air to get your sweaters and vests out. But you still get a mix of summer in the middle of the day. Layers, layers! And what is knitwear good for? Layering!

  • Erin McDonald (@19vesperstreet)

    I read that book about ten years ago and found it to be inspiring and informational. The fact that autism reaches into so many of our circles, it should be a book many read in order to understand and appreciate the challenges it brings. I work with students with severe special needs and I found many things that were helpful.
    Autumn is definitely here tonight in Boston.. My furnace just kicked on, it is 46 here…. brrrr.

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