The Horror!!!!!!

A Knitting Horror Story

A retelling  in photos with a mostly happy ending.  (I know; spoilers, sweetie.  I’d make a terrible movie director)


The horror!!!!!!! Cover your eyes and run screaming into the night!!!!!


“Have no fear, fair knitter! It’s Darning Egg to the rescue!”
(Go ahead and insert you’re own heroic music here)


And his trusty sidekick Prince Hooks A-Lot!


See, things are already less frightening than they were.


Not perfect, (this is my first attempt at darning ever), but very wearable and it looks far less butchered then the picture makes it out to be.  I did not actually create the Quasimodo of  the darning world.


Since the horror unfolded I have washed the socks (in the machine) once and worn them twice and the darning is still going strong!!!!!  And thank you to my BFF to convinced my to buy a darning egg long before I needed it.  My advice to all the sock knitters out there is the same as hers was to me:  buy an egg now.  You’ll be thankful you have it when the time comes that your own socks decide to audition for a role in the sequel (Knitting Horror Story II: The Return!).


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