YOP Update October 14th

I’ve come to realize that this year’s list is more a list of suggested knitting than what I will actually accomplish.  I’ve made more changes to the list again.  But this time instead of just adding things, I have decided to frog two items.  Two pairs of socks are gone.  One because I truly don’t have time to decipher the chart and the other because they have been on the needles for a ridiculous amount of time and have been plagued with problems since the start.  At this point I would rather reclaim the yarn and use it for a different pair of socks that will work better for me.  Two projects have been added in place of the frogged ones so the overall numbers haven’t changed.  I hope that the added  projects that will suit my knitting time better and stand a far better chance of being completed. (I’ve added a pair of socks and a scarf).

 Speaking of finishes, the Diva Mitts are finished and when the final touches are put on the second mitt I will take pictures and share then with you.  (It still needs some ends woven in and a button added).  And, I am nine rounds away from finishing the Turnagain Cowl.  Depending on how my assignments go today I may be able to finish the knitting part of it.  There is still ends to weave and sewing to do so it won’t be a “finished object’ just yet, but it’s getting pretty close.

Also, I have decided that my knitted socks are now conspiring against me.  The darning from a couple of weeks ago is still going strong, but now its mate has sprung a hole and requires my attention.  That little discovery was greeted with a rather large amount of under my breath unlady like language.  But, I know I can fix it and I think I need to research ways to reinforce the toes on my socks to keep this from happening again in the future.

Hope everyone else has had  a great knitting week and I am hoping to drop by your blogs soon.

A Year of Projects the Sequel


  • Stained glass mittens
  • Fiddle Heads
  • Cherie (frogged)
  • Slippers – mom
  • Rattlesnake creek (frogged)
  • Roam
  • Oliver’s Blanket (finished Sept 2012)
  • Noro Log Cabin (finished Aug 2012)
  • Algonquin
  • Walnut Grove
  • Masonic Lodge Socks


  • Stage Door
  • Central Park Hoodie
  • Angural Cardi
  • Julia
  • Iced
  • Wallis
  • Bohus
  • Jon’s Sweater (for DH) (In progress)
  • Burr

Shawls & Scarves

  •  Cliff of insanity
  •  Earth and Sky
  • Wingspan (Finished July 2012)
  •  Colour affection (Finished Aug 2012)
  •  Turnagain (In Progress)
  •  Jagged Edge
  • Mini mania


  • Jaywalker(Finished Aug 2012)
  • Lenore
  • Carousel (In Progress)
  • Fargyles (In Progress)
  • Staked
  • Flutter Bye’s (In Progress)
  • Aargon
  • Nutkin
  • Cubist socks
  • Annapurna
  • Cookie’s one


  • Stephen West Gloves
  • Willow Mitts
  • Anne Hanson fingerless gloves
  • Mitt Envy (in progress)
  • Either/Or
  • Ace Fingerless Mitts
  • Diva (Finished Oct 2012)
  • IO
  • Just a Little More
  • Ellipses


  • Locksley
  • Frankenstein (In Progress)
  • Hypernova


6/49 Complete

14/44 In Progress

Dishcloth challenge


Balls in/out

2/12.5 July

19/4 August

0/11 Sept

0/1 Oct


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