YOP Update – December 2nd


My god! I still have a blog. I’d almost forgotten. (Well not really. I just have been swamped under school work and full time career stuff and most nights had to make the choice between knitting for 20 minutes before collapsing into a heap on whatever the closest flat surface was or trying to write a blog post. Knitting in a heap won out every time).

But, I am still here and have decided that next semester I get to take a little break and only take one class! That will make life a little easier. Pro-tip for anyone reading this who is in post secondary and living at home with your parents: make the most of it!!!! Study hard. Stick it out. Do well. It’s much easier to manage all things when someone is bringing you snacks and making dinner and doing the dishes and keeping your toilet sparkly white! This is even truer if you and your spouse go back to school at the same time and while your writing your 100th essay in a month he’s hunched over blueprint and struggling with the same issues as you are. Trust me on this one kids, stay in school.

I am shocked to see that I haven’t finished anything off my list since October. I have finished a few small things and I have made substantial gains on a few WIPS, but sadly all this time later I can still not cross anything else off the knitting list. The flip side is that I’ve been so busy with the post-graduate stuff that I also haven’t added anything new to the list. I guess that’s a plus. That’s not to imply that I haven’t had any finishes in the last few weeks. I have read and written a ridiculous amount school related materials. You want to know the difference between Aspergers and Autism? Look no further. I can discuss ad nauseum. Electrconvulsive therapy (commonly referred to as Electric Shock Therapy), as a treatment for extremely aggressive causes of pediatric autism? I’m your girl. (I can also assure you that was the last thing I ever thought I’d be writing about. Ever). But, I’ve had hardly any finishes in the knitting department.

However, this semester is all but over and with only having one class next semester my knitting and blogging might actually get back on track.
First goal though, reclaim my coffee table from under the mounds of textbooks and papers. Also, I really need to do some laundry.

A Year of Projects the Sequel


  • Stained glass mittens
  • Fiddle Heads
  • Cherie (frogged)
  • Slippers – mom
  • Rattlesnake creek (frogged)
  • Roam
  • Oliver’s Blanket (finished Sept 2012)
  • Noro Log Cabin (finished Aug 2012)
  • Algonquin
  • Walnut Grove
  • Masonic Lodge Socks


  • Stage Door
  • Central Park Hoodie
  • Angural Cardi
  • Julia
  • Iced
  • Wallis
  • Bohus
  • Jon’s Sweater (for DH) (In progress)
  • Burr

Shawls & Scarves

  • Cliff of insanity
  • Earth and Sky
  • Wingspan (Finished July 2012)
  • Colour affection (Finished Aug 2012)
  • Turnagain (In Progress)
  • Jagged Edge
  • Mini mania
  • Hypernova


  • Jaywalker(Finished Aug 2012)
  • Lenore
  • Carousel (In Progress)
  • Fargyles (In Progress)
  • Staked
  • Flutter Bye’s (In Progress)
  • Aargon
  • Nutkin
  • Cubist socks
  • Annapurna
  • Cookie’s one


  • Stephen West Gloves
  • Willow Mitts
  • Anne Hanson fingerless gloves
  • Mitt Envy (in progress)
  • Either/Or
  • Ace Fingerless Mitts
  • Diva (Finished Oct 2012)
  • IO
  • Just a Little More
  • Ellipses


  • Locksley
  • Frankenstein (In Progress)


6/49 Complete

14/44 In Progress

Dishcloth challenge


Balls in/out

2/12.5 July

19/4 August

0/11 Sept

0/1 Oct

0/8 Nov


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