Epic Blanket of Insanity Feels a Little Less Insane

It’s funny how certain knitting can change and become different things for the knitter at certain times. For me, my sock yarn blanket, otherwise referred to as the Epic Blanket of Insanity (or E.B.I. for short) has become the poster child for the idea of knitting evolution. I have watched as the blanket crept into my psyche and I started to collect ends. Initially, I thought it was crazy and a few of my knitting friends thought it was too.  And then I cast on the first few squares and I started to get excited and could see potential in less than palm-sized squares. And then rows slowly started coming together, and there were yarn swaps, and I started developing a little love affair with it. I started taking it out to meet other knitters and they all loved it too and I think people started to believe that I, or it, are a little less crazy (expect for my one non-knitting friend who just didn’t get it at all and really couldn’t see the blanket in a bunch of colours. I think she may have been a little scared to touch it in case the crazy spread to her somehow).  And now this blanket has become exactly what a blanket should be.  It’s become a comfort.  Some days all I have time for is one little square, and I love having that as an option.  I knit it when I’m happy or tired or anxious.  I have started to build a collection of little squares, and the E.B.I. has started to collect emotions.  I think it’s a good exchange, and I am certainly getting the prettier end of that deal!  I even like weaving in the ends, and that is no small feat.

But, I haven’t shared the pretty in a while, so here it is.





5 responses to “Epic Blanket of Insanity Feels a Little Less Insane

  • Suzy

    I’ve only ever thought you as crazy as I am myself… Which may or may not be comforting, I admit… But your blanket looks lovely! And I love that I can pick out some of my own projects in your blankie!

  • Michelle

    It’s definitely epic. I wish I had the stamina to knit a sock yarn blanket. I’ve stashed away all my little balls of spare sock yarn just in case I someday get the nerve to take on a task like this. Your blanket makes me want to try. It’s really beautifu..

  • kristieinbc

    It’s funny you should post about your sock yarn blanket. Just this week I have started to think about making one. I have ten years worth of sock yarn odds and ends in my stash and I think this might be just the thing to do with them. I love how yours is turning out, and even more I love your description of knitting it, especially about how it is a comfort.

  • randipants

    It’s looking great! I haven’t fed mine in a while but I do have some new minis just waiting. Soon, soon, I know I will feel the blankie calling out to me again.

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