Happy Mini Day!

As most people who read this blog regularly know, I am making a sock yarn blanket. It goes by a few names in this house. I call it the Epic Blanket of Insanity. My Husband calls it my retirement project. But, either way it is a blanket that I love working on and as of yet, am not bored with.

But I have also decided that I don’t want to repeat colours for at least the first ten rows which does pose an interesting problem, as the blanket is huge. But not to fear! Being a knitter, I am a resourceful little fibre gal, and have a few tricks up my sleeve to stop that from happening. My most recent find is the mini mania group on Rav. There you can find many other knitters with the same addiction like minded way of thinking. There, the world of minis opens up like a Christmas present and they are all at your finger tips. My first set of minis from the group arrived on Christmas Eve and yes folks, happiness does come in small packages. These were delivered to my door by our lovely postal lady and I couldn’t be more thrilled. (Except that I had to hide in the bathroom since I was wearing a towel and dripping wet. I’m sure that our postal women has seen more than one person answer the door that way, but she’s never seen me answer the door that way. My hubby took the package in for me. He’s a good man. He even said to the postal women, “yeah, yarn doesn’t always fit through the slot”).



MinisSome have already found their way into the blanket and the rest will soon. I love that it’s an easy way to have new colours and yarns that I would never otherwise have added to the overall prettiness of the blanket. I love that getting something so small makes me so happy. And, I love that they have an immediate use and will not become lost in the stash mountain that has overtaken the closet and does on a regular basis spill out onto the floor when you open the closet to get to some of the other items that live there. (And sometimes when you don’t open the closet. Anyone who believes that their yarn doesn’t demand to be knitted clearly is not a knitter. Mine will, without remorse, throw itself at my feet while I am on my way for my morning coffee, clearly having learned when I am at my weakest and most likely to cast on something new before the clear light of day has had a chance to make its appearance. But that’s a whole other blog post).

But there it is. I have new colours and that increases the possibility of not repeating colours as the blanket grows. And just for the record, I am a long ways away from retirement. I intend to have it finished well before then.


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