It’s 2013 and I Resolve to Not Make Any Resolutions!!!!


I would suspect by now that we have all managed to dig ourselves out from under our piles and piles of fibres and projects and have acknowledged the changing of the year.  (I for one am more than happy to see 2012 be over and 2013 begin).  It’s about this time when everyone, knitters included, start setting goals for the new year.  Resolutions and hopes materialize and we write them down in our blogs.  Then we try to stick to them until we fall off the woolly wagon and land in a pile of yarn and WIPS.  My goals this year, at least for knitting, are the same as any other year: have fewer WIPS, knit from stash, spend more time spinning, and lastly, knit all the things.  So instead of thinking about what I want to accomplish this year I’d rather reflect on what I’ve learned during my ten-year knitting career   So at this start of a new year I’m taking a moment to look back.  (I’ll look forward when that’s finished).

  • The first thing I ever knit was a burgundy acrylic square.  It took forever.
  • From that first experience I never thought I would like knitting.  Ever.
  • I can put my knitting down in the middle of a row if I have too, (I still prefer to finish a row first), and know when I pick it up that I will be able to tell what direction to knit in.  That wasn’t easy in the beginning.
  • People tell me I am a fast knitter.  I don’t believe them. I will admit that I am way faster than I was.
  • I do like knitting socks.  Who knew that would happen?
  • I also like knitting shawls.  Again, who knew?
  • I have two spinning wheels.  When I was a kid I thought wheels were something in fairy tales and antique stores.  I have learned that they are not.
  • I can knit in the dark (as long as the pattern is simple).
  • I can fix most of my own mistakes and can see where mistakes are.
  • I have learned that it is okay to frog things that I know I will never finish.  (I just learned that in 2012).
  • I have accepted the fact that I still don’t like knitting lace and have made peace with that.  That being said, I still want this shawl one day.
  • I have learned to never say never when it comes to knitting.  (See last point).

I really can’t believe that it was ten years ago that my BFF agreed to teach me how to knit.  Clearly, it was the hobby I had been looking for since I had tried out a few others and none of them stuck.  I enjoy it more every year and I am never bored with it.

One last reflection  I think that for someone who has been knitting for ten years my stash is actually pretty darn small.  Hmmmmm……………

Wishing you all a year filled with soft fibres, prefect projects, and all the knitting or crochet time that you need.

4 responses to “It’s 2013 and I Resolve to Not Make Any Resolutions!!!!

  • Suzy

    Love your recap! I haven’t actually written one out but I was just commenting again yesterday about how the first time I knit a dead fish hat it seemed to take forever to do the short row shaping and a year and 6 hats later it seems to fly off the needles. Same with heel turns. So exciting to discover these things! ~

  • Natalie

    “I have learned that it is okay to frog things that I know I will never finish. (I just learned that in 2012).”

    I learned that in 2012 too!

  • projectstash

    Wishing you a woolly 2013, too!

  • Michelle

    I haven’t been knitting as long as you have, but I feel a similar growing fondness and love for knitting with the passing of each year.

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