YOP Update Feb 10th


I realized a few weeks ago that I had started to avoid the Sunday ritual of posting my YOP update.  I’ve also realized that it has started making me avoid my blog and our Rav group.  This is all unfortunate, since I really like blogging, and I am a group Mod.  Also, I really like the idea of having my knitting goals laid out before me so I can plan things.

But sometimes even the best laid plans need to be revamped.  It was almost two years ago that I realized that there were other knitters who thought that the crazy idea of a Year of Projects wasn’t that crazy, and thus the idea and the group was formed, and off we went.  For a long time, it really worked for me.  Then, in the last few months it stopped.  I’ve actually come to hate the list a little bit, and got really bored with posting the same updates every week.

Clearly there was a huge problem.  I thought about stepping down from the group.  I thought about not blogging anymore.  Neither of those options felt like the right option.  So I created a new option.  I realized that the YOP police weren’t going to break down my door if I admitted to mostly abandoning my list, and I remembered why I proposed this group at the start – to build a community that encouraged each other.  And we have a great community that I still am interested in being part of.

So with that in mind, here’s my new and improved (for me) Year of Projects List inspired by my BFF and Nerd Wars.  The first Sunday of each month I will post my knitting goals for the month.  Some things will be off my list (as I am not removing it) and some things will not be.  I won’t be posting the whole list every week, but will continue to update the page.  I will still also be keeping track of what comes and goes out of my stash.  I will update each week on Sundays but those posts will have a much smaller focus.  Until I have more time I am also not going to worry about posting finished objects only on Fridays.  If something is finished it will be posted on Sundays and if I have time during the week I will post more often.

February 2013 Goals

1.  Finish Mum’s Socks


Finished on Friday!!
First item off the list!

2. Finish Jaywalkers


Yes. I’m making more Jaywalkers.

3. Vanilla Lattes for me!


4. Barndom (this may be a stretch but I’ll give it a shot).


5. Wurm hat (I realize it doesn’t look anything like a hat now)!!


Soon. Really soon!!!

And if all that happens then I’ll hopefully finish the hood of Roam.

Balls in/Balls out


I’m looking forward to reconnecting with everyone.  Hope you all have a great fibre filled week.


14 responses to “YOP Update Feb 10th

  • Minding My Own Stitches

    Welcome back! I’ve started setting mini goals too. As for my YoP list, I try to have at least one thing from my list on the needles at all times, but other than that I do whatever takes my fancy. It’s a lot less rigorous and a lot more satisfying!

  • Gracey

    Welcome back to blogging…this is my first year with YOP and I only started in January….so we’ll see if I get bored with it…I also do Wed and Fri posts, but I only do them when I have something to share..I never feel obligated …so it’s good to give yourself a break….and I haven’t done anything for NW yet this month…and your socks are awesome!

  • Cris

    Yup, you can’t get too hung up on the list – the list is a suggestion for possible projects – In either year (last or this year), I have a whole section for “added items” and add to it as I see fit. Sure – I still want to make those original items on the list, but things change 🙂 We are just hear to encourage and enjoy the pics and stories (well, that’s why I’m along for the ride)..

    Love your socks and yea. that worm hat thing definitely does not look like a hat LOL

  • Renee Anne

    You’re right: the YOP Police aren’t going to come banging on your door. I’ve actually considered splitting things up similarly but haven’t actually done it. I’m so unpredictable when I knit that leaving it a bit ambiguous helps me focus a bit. I know that sounds odd but focusing too much makes me lose sight of the whole thing. I’m weird like that.

    So, you do it how you want to. It’s not like we have any hard rules about it. I mean, really, I’m six months behind y’all and going along just fine 🙂

  • Kim

    Great post, and good on ya! Do what works–I am always tweaking my list and posting finished objects whenever I feel like it–and so far no police have arrived at my door. One of the original goals was to build community of encouraging folks, and that has been accomplished in spades. My wide group of kitting friends from YOP are some of my favorites-and whose blogs I read first when I hop online. 🙂
    Have a super week, and welcome back–

  • A little bit sheepish

    Sounds sensible, there are no knitting police! Have to say balls in/balls out made me snigger, why yes, I have the mentallitly of a small child 🙂

  • Alli

    Hey! I’m glad you’ve found a new way to make the YoP work for you! It’s no fun feeling like you’re beholden to something. Nice Jaywalkers too! Someone else mentioned this pattern to me and I hadn’t had a chance to look it up yet – I think I’m definitely going hunting for this pattern now that I’ve seen them up close. So cute!

    And I love your Purple Purl colourway socks too! 🙂

  • Ruth

    I’m so glad your back I did miss reading your posts and I’m even more glad you’ve found your list mojo again…Definitely no yop police other wise I’d be in big trouble as I’m always going off course from my list and thats half the enjoyment for me…I think perhaps we need to do half a years list or else a list with a review, I think for next year I’m only going to have headings of a loose and carefree kind. I like how your setting out your goals and I hope this works for you. Your already doing great for Februray.

  • DeliaKnits

    Glad you working through your “kinks” I was feeling the same way until I gave myself permission to rewrite my list!

  • mary

    OMFG, there’s YOP police..? LOL.. I should have been booted long ago as I have never listed a project per say..it is ideas and intent for me..and I do realize that is a cop out compared to alot of people who spend amazing amounts of time to pick specific projects.. Bravo to everyone who did that..but I would have failed miserably.. I am really glad you have adjusted your goals…and by doing that doesn’t mean an error was made initially..it is a sign of personal growth and learning..which is what the YOP is all about in my mind!

  • A Morning Grouch

    I like this. I can see what you’re making and not get overwhelmed by an insanely large list. Love Mum’s socks!

  • cleancup

    happy to see you weren’t buried under a pile of textbooks!

  • Emma

    Welcome back! I think that’s a great plan, and I’m loving seeing all of your projects, love the Barndom!

  • babygreens

    Beautiful socks! Good to see you back again. YoP basically inspired me to knit more than I ever imagined I could, so I don’t worry too much about going off list. I know for sure that I’m not going to hit my goal of 6 pairs of socks by the end of June, but I can live with that 🙂

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