YOP Update Or How My Knitting Saved Countless Lives This Week


It’s been a rough week.  Most of this past week has been spent in the hospital with my SIL.  She had a “routine surgery” two weeks ago that turned out to be anything but routine and has had two surgeries since then.  My husband and I spent the whole week going between work/school and the hospital.  I am convinced that the fact that I am a knitter kept me sane and from drinking heavily.  I knit through her first surgery and most of her second.   I knit while we were waiting for her pain medication to be delivered. I think I actually knit more than I ate over the last few days.  Having yarn and needles in my hands kept me from screaming at the hospital staff a few times.  (Just to be clear, I grew up with an ER nurse and have nothing but respect for all hospital staff.  But when no one checked on my SIL for 12 hours, even after we had gone down to the nursing station to request someone in the room, I started to come a little unhinged).  But, I did get a lot of knitting finished.

First, I finished my socks.  They are almost a perfect match!
Pattern: Vanilla Lattes

Next, my Wurm hat that looked very unhat-like last week is off the needles.
Wurm Hat

My Barndom sadly looks exactly the same as last week as it really didn’t make for good hospital knitting.

My Jaywalkers did get a little love, but they still look about the same.

And finally an unscheduled cast on for my Husband happened.
I had planned to finish the Jaywalkers before I started these, but I felt the need to cast these on and I didn’t have the energy to fight with that. So, Lattes for my hubby in Sweet Georgia have been added to the list.  (My BIL suggested that I could make them for him if my Husband didn’t like them.  No luck there Dude).

So knitting wise it has been a very productive week and we are hoping that with the last surgery that my SIL is finally out of the woods and on the path the recovery.  Fingers crossed.

February Finishes

Mum Socks

Lattes for me

Wurm Hat

Skeins in/out



11 responses to “YOP Update Or How My Knitting Saved Countless Lives This Week

  • Renee Anne

    I’m pretty sure I also would have been flipping out if someone hadn’t checked on my (non-existent) sister after 12 hours, especially after a request. I’m pretty sure I would have been so far up someone’s backside that they wouldn’t sit right for a month!

    On the good side, you got lots of knitting done! YAY!

  • Kim

    Well the lovely knitting is a nice–but that hospital stay sounds anything but. We are told through articles and documentary about how wonderful health care is under a socialized system–and while our system is a flawed and an utter mess, I do have some big reservations about socialized medicine. I grew up with a Dad who worked in a hospital surgery and even 20+ years ago he would tell us horror stories about Canadians who came down here to the states for health care because the wait time up there was ridiculously long. I hope your SIL is truly on the mend and out of there post haste.
    *smiles and a hug*
    ps: I am in love with those socks for your husband–the colors are fantastic!

  • Charlotte

    I’m really hoping your SIL is now on the mend, what a week you’ve had! And yes, you have a right to flip out about no one checking on her for 12 hours!! My little sister is in and out of hospital, for a few days the nurses were completely ignoring the fact she was having seizures, they “left her to it” apparently (sat and drank coffee watching her from their desk). I mean, hospital staff are amazing, but sometimes they can get me annoyed!

    You’re knitting looks fantastic, I love all the projects! I really hope this week is easier for you all, and your SIL starts to get better x

  • mary

    I spent my career in a hospital..your treatment was inexcusable..I would have used my needles as weapons..not productive, I know..but sounds appropriate.. I hope your SIL is recovering..everyone will need a bit of TLC after this experience…

  • Minding My Own Stitches

    Sounds like a nightmare! Knitting really can keep you sane, I think. Love the colours in your vanilla lattes for your FH – I can see why he won’t give them up!

  • Underground Crafter

    The Vanilla Latte socks are lovely. I’ve done my fair share of hospital/waiting room projects, and agree they help keep you sane.

  • A Morning Grouch

    Yikes! Hope all goes well and your sister in law is out of there and healthy soon. Yay for hobbies that double for keeping you sane.

  • Ruth

    I’m sorry its so late me getting round to commenting, I did read your post on my phone but as of yet have not figured out how to reply. I’m sorry to hear about your SIL and hope she will start to recover now. Love all your socks and I’m so glad they kept you sane this past while !

  • Angela Hockabout - Knit Luck

    Oh man, so sorry to hear about your SIL. So thankful that you have knitting and your fellow knitbloggers to send good thoughts your way. Your SIL is lucky to have you and your husband. It’s a true luxury to have people looking after you in the hospital. Hope she’s feeling better soon.

  • kfklever

    Just wanted you to know that I have passed along the Versatile Blogger Award to you! http://kfklever.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/the-versatile-blogger-an-unexpected-honor/

  • kimmery4

    Just stopping by to say you are missed!

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