Daily Archives: July 2, 2013

Year of Projects Part Three


A new year of projects starts this week. And even though last year I fell face down into a pile of wooly goodness and didn’t emerge for a very long time, it’s time to start over.

This past year I shied away from my blog and the Come-blog-Along group. But fortunately Tink was and is amazing and the group just kept right on going.  (Seriously Tink, you are awesome!)
But a new year is about new beginnings so here we are.

This year I am taking a slightly different approach to my projects. Instead of making a huge list and struggling to keep up with it, I am setting the goal of knitting with five skeins of yarn each month from my stash. I’m not setting a number of projects that need to be completed each month instead I am focusing on continuing to decrease the yarn I already have. If 5 skeins are all made into one Cardigan, great! Mission accomplished. If those 5 skeins become a couple pairs of socks and a shawl, that’s great too. (The other part of the equation is that 5 skeins out does not then mean 5 skeins in). That works out to 60 skeins by the end of the year.

Since there really is no right or wrong way to make a YOP set of goals this is the way I feel that my “list” serve me best.
With that in mind, here are the first set of skeins to be knit with.

First I want to finish knitting with these skeins. The pattern is Mama Vertebrae and the yarn is one of the my very first purchases of IndigoDragonFly yarn. It sat in my stash for a very long time before telling me what it wanted to be.  But now it has, and it’s going to be a lovely autumn cardi.


This skein is next. These are going to be socks for my dad for Christmas. I am using the Vanilla Latte pattern again. (This is a super versatile pattern. The yarn will dictate if they are for a man or a woman. Large for the boys and medium for the girls. I’ve lost count of the number of pairs I’ve made.)


Next to go will be this yarn made into a Crazed Shawl.  Due to some fancy swapping with my BFF I have two skeins of this and she has two skeins of blue so we are both happy and have a colour that we love.


And then if all goes really well (and I realize that this is getting in into the realm of delusional), then this skein will be a pair of Hermione socks for my SIL who made no secret of her desire for a pair of hand knit socks this Christmas.


That’s my goals for this month.  Wish me luck.  Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s finishes.