Daily Archives: July 12, 2013

Fine. You’re Getting a Corset

This past week one of my friends celebrated a birthday. Two days before the happy event I fired off a quick text message asking him what he wanted.  Mr. S responded by saying “nothing other than your company”.  (In reality the exchange was a little longer than that, and did involve me banging my head on the table.)  He did mention that he could always use another gargoyle to add to the ones I have already made him.

This was the first one.  It is kind've cute.

This was the first one. It is kind’ve cute.

I pointed out that I really can’t knit that quickly.  And full circle we went back to not really having an answer of any kind.

So later the next day I was looking up a pattern for Nerd Wars and found something that made my heart sing.  It was simple and fast and I had lots of ends in my stash that this would work for and I shouted “that’s what you’re  getting! Don’t ever tell me you don’t know what you want for your birthday!”

And in that moment a soda corset was born.

After a very little bit of knitting time this happened.


That’s my hubby doing the lacing. He said he wanted to help.

And then this happened.


And then when it was all said and done this happened.


Mr. S being a little cheeky. Also, he’s camera shy.

The point is that there is a lesson to be had here.  When your knitter type friend asks you what you want for your birthday, (especially if that knitter type friend is me), you’d best tell them.  We are a creative bunch and we have access to hundreds of free patterns.

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