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YOP Update July 14th, 2013


Knitting had to take a  bit of a back seat this week to the rest of life.  It’s been a little bit of a wild week filled with flooding and blackouts and scrambling to finish assignments.  But, somehow, I made it to Sunday again.

First, I made progress on my Dad’s socks.  I have decided to rename them my Blackout Socks since a large chunk of the progress that was made on them happened on my balcony during the two blackouts we had this week.  Since there was very little else we could do but sit on our balcony waiting for the power to come back on I had a few hours of “forced” knitting time and managed to finish the first sock.  I am very pleased with how they are coming together and am quite certain that my Dad will be very happy with them.


Pattern: Vanilla Lattes
Click the pic for the link

I also managed to block my cardi this week.  You don’t really need the lights on for that and I pinned it while we still had light coming in from outside.  It still needs a collar, but it is almost finished.   I cast it on back in the end of May and am shocked and thrilled at the idea of having a completed Cardi in under two months!


Mama Vertebrae is coming along nicely.

Lastly Crazed reminded me that it is important to read the whole pattern when you knit something.  It also made me very thankful that I was able to contact one of my other knitting friends, (thanks Dr. S), who apparently does remember to read the whole pattern and she had me back on track in no time.


Set up chart is complete!

I did also finish one little project that I hadn’t mentioned last week.  But that’s a different post 😉

Hope everyone else had a wonderful fibre filled week.

Skeins out/in

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