YOP Update July 21, 2013


Distraction is defined by Google as:

  1. A thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else.
  2. A diversion or recreation.

This really could not be a better description for the last week.  The last seven days have been all about being distracted. We all had to try to distract ourselves from the oppressive heat wave that dropped in, pitched a tent, and then completely overstayed it’s welcome.  It brought it’s BFF, 15 extra degrees of humidity, and when it was all done we were averaging 44C/112F degrees for the whole week.  It’s the kind of heat that makes you drip sweat when you’re standing still.  It’s also the kind of heat that makes the idea of any knitting in your lap beyond unbearable.
Enter Vivid, and the distraction is complete.
Cast on last Sunday on a moment of weakness, I’ve finished the first three squares and started the fourth. It almost distracted me from the heat and certainly distracted me from my other knitting.
There really is no point in updating almost anything else because nothing else has really been knit. Just the squares.
Today however the heatwave seems to finally be over so I have managed to pull myself away from my squares long enough to start working on the collar of Mama Vertebrae. I am really hoping to finish it today.   But I may end up being distracted again.

Just to point out – I really want to be knitting ALL THE THINGS!!!

Hope everyone else had a great week.

Skeins in/out
July 0/0


11 responses to “YOP Update July 21, 2013

  • Ruth

    That level of heat sounds terrible, our version of that is what we’ve been having up to 30C each day and while that might seem low to you its our version of your 44C, take into account our summer temp averages 15-17C lol and thats a good one. Vivid is just gorgeous ! Such a great looking pattern and I can see how you’d get distracted with it ! I hope this week is a little cooler and you get to work on all your things.

  • Sandy

    The squares look awesome. Maybe do one in between x number of rows of the other project?

  • Minding My Own Stitches

    I just love Vivid. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s completely mental to consider doing one in sock yarn. I hear you about the humidity. It was so hot and humid that the South African husband turned on the AC without any pleading from me 🙂

  • bekswhoknits

    That’s an australian summer right there!
    It doesn’t make for pleasant knitting.

  • roguecrafter

    Vivid is much too tempting. *gets itchy fingers*

  • mmmyc6

    I too am THRILLED that the heat wave appears to have ceased. Lovely little distractions though!

  • Emma (GirlAnachronismE)

    I love the squares, and they look like the perfect thing to knit in the heat, when you can bare to do any knitting at all, because they’re so small, so they won’t make you too hot

  • Angela Hockabout - Knit Luck

    I want to knit all the things too! Just added that blanket to my favorites because what I really need to do is knit another blanket… (I still haven’t finished weaving in the ends on the last one)

  • Kepanie

    The blanket squares are terrific. I really like the lace pattern. I’m sorry you’re suffering through an oppressive heat wave. We have no clute what’s that like especially with humidity. Once in a while we get an Indian summer and most of us don’t know what to do with ourselves as our wardrobe is mostly geared for fog.

  • Carolina22

    Heatwaves are dreadful! I hope it breaks soon. Your squares are gorgeous and the perfect thing to knit. I just have sweaters going so if it gets hotter here I’m going to need a new project 🙂 Last summer our temps were over 100 but this year they are ~90 which is verrrry unusual!

  • MyKnittingCircle

    You just described what it’s like living in Alabama! By the time I return from walking the dog, I’m drenched.

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