So Then This Happened

If you’re like me, snail mail is virtually a thing of the past. Email, twitter, Skype, and countless other ways of staying in touch via social media is pretty much the way of things around here. Really, the only things that generally get dropped through my mail slot are bills that need to be paid and that’s nearly as exciting as thinking about having to drag myself to the dentist for a root canal without painkillers. (They do give you pain killers if you have to have a root canal, right? I’m assuming there would be a much higher rate of homicide-related deaths in the dentistry profession if they didn’t.) Aside from those rare days when you are expecting something pretty (like, oh, say, I don’t know, yarn for example) mail appearing on my floor is not something to be celebrated. The charm I remember it having when I was young and staying with my grandparents, who had home delivery, is long gone, and the daily mail holds about as much interest for me as idea of trying to shave a cat. (Actually, if I’m honest, shaving a cat would probably be way more interesting then anything I hope EVER gets dropped through my mail slot.  For certain values of interesting.)

But sometimes, and very rarely, something comes through your mail slot and it makes your day. I’ve been super fortunate that it’s happened twice this year and I’m pretty sure that means that the Cool Mail Fairy is more or less finished with me for a long time and her cynical, jaded sister the Daily Drudge Mail Fairy will be the only one I can expect.  What made both these arrivals special was that they were both very unexpected in their own way.

First, a few months back, I think possibly in May, I came home and found an package sitting on my coffee table. I could tell it was yarn, since as fibre people we just have a sixth sense about envelopes filled with our irresistible vice.  I also knew I hadn’t ordered any yarn. My hubby indicated that I should look at the return addy, which I did, and realized it was from my BFF.
This was inside.


I love this yarn!!

I burst into tears. I was still in the midst of the (ed. note – passage redacted.  Run-on sentences are OK.  Parenthetical screeds of run-on profanity?  Slightly gratuitous.  Clearly written before coffee kicked in.) that was the first six months of this year and she knew I was struggling and wanted to cheer me up. It was a wonderful, awesome moment, & it made me immensely grateful for my friends. (We have other friends who did super amazing things for us too. If you are one of those people, believe me we remember!) Without a doubt this is one of the most valuable skeins of yarn I own!

The second happened just a few weeks ago.  I knew there was a package coming. My friend Beks over at Polka dots & Sparkles really hadn’t made a secret of that.  Since it was coming from the other side of the world, there was some anticipation surrounding it’s arrival.  What  wasn’t expected was what was inside.


I can not even begin to express how awesome this is.

I saw it and squeed (squee’d? Squid? Never mind.) with delight and giggled madly.  For those of you that aren’t Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans this little rabbit is probably one of the most famous quotes from Anya, a vengeance demon turned human, who has an intense phobia of bunnies.  Believe me when I say it does all make sense.  Also: Hand embroidery.  100% hand stitched.  AWESOME.  (Ed. Note: Also also: I’m pretty sure the frame is eucalyptus wood.  Which is my justification for sniffing it.  Repeatedly.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  If you expected normal behaviour, you’re reading the wrong blog.)

Anya trying to fit in at Halloween and facing her fears at the same time.

Beks also included a lovely letter that it think I may frame and refer to any time I’m having a crummy day. The whole package was remarkable and it’s amazing to think that I have a friend that far away. (We are going to arrive on your doorstep one day. I expect knitting and drinking. You’ve been warned!)
I only hope she likes her package as much as I like mine.

So there you have it. I am proof that snail mail can make your day.  And that simple acts of kindness do exist.
Also, knitters ( & crocheters) are really awesome people!


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