Christmas is in Fact Coming

In my world, Christmas is coming.  I realize that is a silly thing to say, because regardless of whether or not you celebrate Christmas, it is in fact coming.  It’s coming  the same way the tomorrow is coming.  Christmas is coming with the same certainty that there will be a knitting later today and more coffee.  No matter how you look at it or how far away it is, when you knit Christmas gifts, the next Christmas is always coming.  Last year I didn’t do a lot of Christmas knitting.  I knew that I was going to be very short on time and that the added pressure of trying to finish a ton of gifts wouldn’t make the already trying time any better.  Last year for the first time in a very long time we opted buy the majority of our gifts for people.  That came with its own complications.  First, I hate malls.  Two, I hate Christmas shopping.  Three, the only time I had to do it was December 22nd.  The crowds were insane.  I hate the consumerism.  It just all turns my stomach.  That day more or less ended with me calling my Hubby at work and having a screaming meltdown when I couldn’t find anything for my SIL and her husband.  It was not one of my more gracious moments and I think I frightened the hell out of the poor guy sitting on the bench outside of the store and when I got home I realized my shirt had been on inside out the whole time and then I still had to wrap the majority of the gifts since I was not waiting in the line in the mall to pay someone a stupid amount of money to wrap the presents I was just forced to buy.  What I am trying to convey was that it really was not a great day by any standards.  I’ve had days with the stomach flu that I would consider to be more enjoyable than that little romp through the re-filtered oxygen, florescent lighting, and crappy tinned music.  As I was walking back to by car I decided that we were not going to have another Christmas like this one.  And we are not.  The knitting has started.  My Hubby and I have started to generate ideas for gifts for people.  We know that there will always be a little bit of shopping to do, but not like last year.  Never like last year.  Never EVER like last year.

Some things I can’t show you yet because they will be seen by the wrong eyes.  That is killing me a little ’cause one idea I have is sickeningly cute.  But, it’s going to have to wait.  But I can show you these little cloths.


The majority of the cloths are this pattern.
square  cloth

A few of them are this one.

And the last ones are this one.


I could not get a good picture of this cloth. There is a snowflake in the middle.

Three per set tied with a ribbon and we are good to go.


As I mentioned earlier this week these are all part of larger gift for people. I’ll show the finished product a little closer to Christmas. But I am happy to have things under-way.  I am one small cloth sized step away from not having homicidal rage this holiday season and that is a good thing for everyone.  Believe me on that.


8 responses to “Christmas is in Fact Coming

  • bekswhoknits

    I hate Christmas shopping. It is horrible. In fact any shopping where I’m under pressure is horrible.

    Dishcloths for everyone sounds like a good plan!

  • kimmery4

    I love the idea of dishcloth sets for people and have actually been toying with that idea bit myself–but I haven’t figured out what to do with them to make it a big bigger type gift!
    Happy knitting…

  • Marsha

    I did the dishcloths last year and have already heard that people are hoping for more this year.

  • Ruth

    Christmas is indeed coming and it has started here to so this post does not frighten me, xmas shopping on Dec 22 now that frightens me no end. The last few years I have made gifts and would not go back to shop bought ones at all. Love your cloth gifts these are a big hit in my circle also and people just love them once they start using them.

  • 1marylou

    Fantastic idea and such wonderful gifts.

  • simmingrome

    Christmas just seems so stressful, however, I am liking the dishcloth gift packs. Wonderful idea for a gift 🙂

  • MyKnittingCircle

    Dear, dear. Don’t you know how to shop online? That’s the only way to do it. In fact, that’s how we shopped for Santa Claus for years and still do. I’m sorry you had such a horrible experience. For me, the stores are too warm while it’s freezing outside so I’m either overdressed or underdressed and can’t think about what I want to get.

  • A Morning Grouch

    This is the second christmas post i’ve read today. And it’s making me insane b/c I HATE christmas shopping and we have a million (or so) people to buy for. I usually start in january and am halfway done by now but I have NOTHING this year. Probably b/c I have no money (baby? can i use that as an excuse?) and it’s STRESSING ME OUT b/c now i have to buy them in a very short amount of time. CHRISTMAS IS COMING! I like the tree/leave cloths. Super cute.

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