YOP Update Sept 1, 2103


I’ve been a busy little knitter in the last few weeks.

First, my dad’s Christmas socks are finished!  It’s another pair of Vanilla Lattes off the needles.


And in the blink of an eye another pair were cast on. These are for my Bother in Law, who is really lucky that he is getting socks as opposed to a hot pink corset complete with bobbles and pom-poms, since he did claim that he would “wear anything I knit for him.”


The dish cloths are coming along well and I am very happy with my decision to have added tags to each set since I have already lost track of what set is going to whom.


Vivd has increased to 11 squares and two new colours have been added. (Only 29 more squares to go)!


And lastly,  after one ill-fated attempt, I have cast on a linen stitch scarf and this time it seems to be going well.


I hope everyone else had a great fibre filled week.

Happy Knitting!

My goal: 5 skeins out/month

Skeins out/in

July 5/3

August 5/4

Sept 0/0


12 responses to “YOP Update Sept 1, 2103

  • Tonya

    The problem with someone saying they’ll wear anything you knit them is that pink pompoms are tempting, but they deserve handknit socks, in cashmere.

  • mmmyc6

    Love the latte socks. You may have convinced me to give them a try!

  • Liz

    The latte socks are beautiful! Maybe you could put pink pompoms on the socks just for decoration? 😉

  • Minding My Own Stitches

    Christmas knitting started and finished already???!!! FAINT! Your brother is a very lucky guy!

  • Lucy Bowen

    I would like to see the pattern for the corset!! The socks are lovely and I love the colours in the new scarf 🙂

  • Sandra Licher

    Love the latte socks and curious what wash/dish cloth pattern you use and the yarn next to the shrimp looks similar to a yarn I have been searching for to do a scarf. I love it! I’ve never seen that “linen stitch”….very cool! It’s amazing what a purl and a knit can do!

  • Kepanie

    It’s great how you’re making these dishcloth sets for ppl already for Christmas. Your dad’s socks are solid excellence. Nice lookin’ appetizer there.

  • Gracey

    I’d love to see that hot pink corset…..great projects! I’ve been trying to decide if I want to give linen stitch a try..it look so cool…

  • Ylva

    Those socks look great, I’ve bookmarked the pattern for myself now! And I haven’t even learned to knit socks yet, I can hardly knit simple flat pieces. I wish I was as organised with Chrostmas presents as you!

  • Ruth

    Wow you’ve done amazingly well, so much done this month. Love your Dad’s socks and I think your bil may be giving a sigh of relief at getting socks over pink pom poms but I bet it sure was hard to resist not doing the pompoms. Love all the cloths and great idea on the tags one less thing to worry about and I’m off now to look up the linen stitch, I dont think I’ve done it before, or maybe I have and just not known which is possible also !

  • kimmery4

    Fantastic cloth sets! You motivate me! And yes–I think your bil is very lucky you are playing nice! You are lucky your family appreciates hand knits–my extended family does not seem to thrilled so no more for them! My own kids love the hats I have knit (adult boys) and my daughter loves the things I knit for her little girls-so they will continue to be recipients; You have a great start on your Christmas list.

  • Emma (GirlAnachronismE)

    Looks like you’ve been busy! I wish you had made him a hot pink corset, then got a picture of his face when he opened it, but I love the yarn you’re using for the socks

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