YOP Update Sept 22nd, 2013


Wow!  I can’t believe I’ve missed the last couple updates!  It’s crazy what can happen when life gets in the way.  I’d love to say that I have been doing a ton of knitting and that I have an amazing update full of Finished Objects.  Sadly, I don’t.  There has been some progress made on a few objects but not enough to reflect two weeks away.

First the linen stitch scarf is again getting love.  It would have had a little more love given to it but I literally lost it for a while.  It got put away one day while I was tidying up and then I couldn’t find it.  Thankfully, it had been found and it almost two inches in width now.   I am still in love with it and it will hopefully be finished soon.


Vivid has had a few more squares added to it.  There should be at least one more, but somehow I mixed up the pattern on one square and had to frog it back and start again.  I’m really looking forward to seeing it all finished because it’s going to be so pretty and I am impatient!


My BIL’s Vanilla Latte socks are progressing slowly but well.  I’m on the foot of the first sock and am really hoping to have it finished by next weekend.


And finally, I have been a little distracted this week by something small and cute.  Just giving you a sneak peak on this one because I want to show them all to you at once when they are finished.


I hope everyone else had a great fibre filled week.

Happy Knitting!

My goal: 5 skeins out/month

Skeins out/in

July 5/3

August 5/4

Sept 11/0


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