And Then They See My Socks

I’m a simple gal.  I really am.  I like my make-up to not look like I’m wearing make-up.  I own 6 bottles of nail polish and two of them only go on my toes because I would never wear those colours on my fingers.  I would, if I could, wear nothing but blue jeans and black tank tops ’cause it’s comfy and easy and matches everything.  I’m not boring,  I just have better things to do with my time.  Like knitting.  You know how it is.

So maybe I’m perceived as being a fairly low maintenance girl.  Or so people think.  And then I knit socks.
My personal belief is that socks need to be LOUD.  They need to be the toddler having a meltdown in the candy aisle.  They need to be the teenager screaming at their parents for not letting them borrow the car.  The need to be the yappy dog keeping you awake from three doors down at 2 A.M. They need to be SEEN!

They need to be wild and crazy.  They, at least for me, are the inner child of the knitting world.  When the rest of my wardrobe is professional, (or at least not blue jeans and tank tops), I know that I am walking around with my socks on my feet and they are my little secret as I go through the day.  I love making crazy socks and I love wearing them.

These little darlings fit the bill well.




The pattern is Jaywalker.  It’s one of my favourite patterns for self striping yarn and I’ve had a little experience with them since this is my 5th pair of these socks.   They are a super fast knit and an easy pattern to wear.

The yarn is sadly no longer available as the dyer is no longer dying yarn.  But if you really want to search it out there are a number of people selling it on Rav.  Just search Goth socks.  I picked this up off another Rav member last autumn and finally had the time to pick it up and knit with it.  The colour way is Emerald City Snow and I really rather love it.

But there it is.  A simple kind of gal makes another pair of crazy socks.  But, don’t tell anyone.  I wouldn’t want the secret to get out.


6 responses to “And Then They See My Socks

  • Britney

    with you on the black tank tops/blue jeans business. i’m still new to sock knitting but loud socks are definitely proud socks! those emerald/black jaywalkers are fabulous!

  • Renee Anne

    First of all, you’re a foul temptress! I had to go trolling Ravelry stashes for some GothSocks…and then I had to go and send out some PMs to get my grabby little fingers on some. I’m waiting to hear back. I’m a sucker for sock yarn.

    Second, I couldn’t agree with you more about the loud socks. When I was still substitute teaching back in Wisconsin (and also when I was working in daycare hell), I was all professional and such…and then there were my socks. This was mostly before I was a knitter, though, so my socks were store-bought…but they were colorful and obnoxious.

  • dayanaknits

    I love them! A shame about Goth Socks of course, but your (hidden) socks are a testament to her amazing, now vintage, dyeing skillz.

  • randipants

    Love them! My only pair of Jaywalkers has holes to be mended so I haven’t worn them for ages and I miss them. I do have some awfully loud yarn I dyed up special to make another pair, though…hmm…tempting…

  • Nadia W

    I love those socks. Color pattern. I’m going to send this pattern to my sister. She is the sock maker, in the family.

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