YOP Update Oct 27,13


I’m not even sure where to begin with this post.  My knitting has been sporadic, at best.  My mojo was gone.  My blog became that thing in the corner that I sort of ignored, and I stopped reading other peoples blogs too.  I  realize that this seems to have been a theme lately.  But there is good news! So maybe I should start there.

The final piece of the puzzle has been found, and has fallen into place.  In just over a week I start a whole new career!!!!!!  I’ve been offered a job in the field I went back to school for, and I couldn’t be more excited.  It’s part time to start, which has it’s ups and downs, but mostly ups.  Primarily I can start enjoying myself again.  I can knit and blog and run.  (In fact I typed up a blog post before doing this one and it’s ready to go for later this week).  I will have time to do things like school work, (I still have a couple of classes to finish), and blog and cook.

So I guess that brings me back to my knitting.  I have a lot of WIPS on the needles right now,   Too many, even.  This happens from time to time.  Either when I perceive my free time as being far more abundant than it actually is or when I am so stressed out that I can’t focus on anything long enough to finish projects.  So my first goal is to tackle some of the WIPS and I have decided to focus on my socks.

I have four pairs of socks on the needles, and that is a little much.  So for the rest of this week I will knit socks and see what I can accomplish.

First up, the Vanilla Lattes for my BIL for Christmas.  These have been on the needles for far too long.  I just can’t seem to finish them.   Right now they look like this.


So close to being finished, yet so far away.

Next is a new pair of socks.  This fun little pair is Ring of Fire.  In theory, these should be a fast knit.  The pattern is simple and well written and they should be done in no time.


Then there  is the Child’s French Sock.  On the needles since March I am more than ready to have these on my feet and keeping my toes warm in the upcoming winter months.


And finally is Nutkin.    These have also been on the needles since March and again I am ready for them to be finished.


I’d like to point out that I am happy, but not completely delusional.  I don’t expect to have all these finished in a week.  I just want to be closer than I am now.  My goal is to have them finished by the end of November.  I do have to sneak in one more pair of socks for my SIL for Christmas, but those can wait for a few more weeks.   I’m hoping to have at least one or two more pairs finished before I start those.

Also, my friend went to Rhinebeck and brought this back for me.  I won’t be able to ignore it for too long.


I hope everyone else had a great fibre filled week (or two)!


11 responses to “YOP Update Oct 27,13

  • Ylva

    The yarn for the Vanilla Latte socks is just lovely! Your analysis of when the WIP pile seems to grow out of proportion is true for me too.. When you’re stressed it’s hard to focus enough to finish things!

  • mmmyc6

    So happy to see you blogging again! My head is spinning from the number of sock WIPS you have, but I know you can do it! Knit dates will be a must though….

  • randipants

    I think I’m going through a bit of this these days myself. A million projects going and I want to start new ones all the time, but I’m so worn out from school that sometimes I can’t think enough to knit. I’m already making plans for the end of the semester and it’s not even midterms yet.

    All your socks-in-progress are lovely, but that new yarn is really what’s got me salivating. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  • bekswhoknits

    I’m so glad for your new career! That’s so exciting to know that change is just around the corner.

    I have a pair of socks that I just need to knuckle down and finish. I hope that you make some good progress this week! Nice to see your WIPs.

  • Lucy Bowen

    So many lovely socks, once your in the mood I’m sure they won’t take long to finish 🙂

  • Renee Anne

    I’m so glad you found a job that you like, even if it is part time to start (which hopefully implies there is room for advancement to full time?) 🙂

  • Lily Razz

    Congratulations with your new job!! That’s lovely news!

    I’m very familiar with feeling like you’re mojo is gone.. Don’t worry, it’ll come back! 🙂 All of your WIPs look wonderful but I’m especially in love with your Nutkin! Happy knitting!

  • Kepanie

    Ho’omaka’i on your new career. Parttime is better than nothing, yeah? It’s best to get your foot in the door at least. Wow, four socks on the needles? Each has its own character. The first’s colorway reminds me pumpkin bread with chocolate chips in it.

  • Keri

    Yay! So glad you’re writing again! Definitely in a better place – this is the right move for you!

  • sandy

    Welcome back to blogging. Congrats on the job. How bout working on pair one one Monday only, pair two on Tuesday and so forth. That way you’ll make headway on them all and won’t have to stew about which ones to work on.

  • Ruth

    Lovely as ever to see you back and wishing you the very best of luck with your new job. Lovely socks and the array of yarn with them is fabalous, I know you’ll have them done by end of November.

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