What is it About November?

Today marks the beginning of November, and that means different things to different people.  For some, it’s the start of the truly colder months.  For those of us who set our clocks back, that happens this month, and it means our already short days get even shorter.  For some of us in the fibre community it’s NaKniSweMo, which translates to National Knit a Sweater in a Month month (NaKniSweMoMo, technically, I suppose, but that one extra goofy syllable mashed on the end looks even sillier than the already very, very silly original).  And if you blog, it’s also the blog every day for a month challenge.  So this really makes me ask, what is it about November?  Why is this the month when suddenly everyone wants to do everything all at once, every day, all day?  I realize that both of the above mentioned activities are born out of the Write A Novel in a Month (also a form of insanity) idea, but why November?  I guess February would be a bad choice since it is the shortest month of the year and when you are trying to do all the things two days can make a huge difference.  And December has way too many holidays in it, way too many parties, and way too many deadlines for knitters to begin with.  OK, so just one deadline, but it’s a biggie.  Your knit gifts are either ready, or they are not. There’s no dodging.  So, I guess it makes a kind of sense that November gets saddled with the brunt of the ideas (leaving aside the perfectly good, long energizing summer months that would be way better suited to this madness, but I guess we’ve all somehow decided that this sort of obsession with finishing things all at once is better suited to the winter).

So this makes me ask the question:  Do I try to do either?  I will be honest and say that I think both ideas are a little crazy (in case you were still unclear about this).  I’m pretty sure that I don’t have a month worth of blog posts floating around in my head and I don’t want to post garbage for the sake of posting.  As for the sweater, this is probably the first November in all the years that I have been a knitter that I could possibly make this happen,  I’m going to have a little more free time on my hands than normal.  I already have the yarn and the pattern.


If I were to endeavour to participate in this madness, I would turn this lovely yarn into Driven.  It has a lot going in it’s favour.  It’s top down and no seaming.  It’s a cardigan instead of a full sweater (less front to knit, even if I’m sure there are purists who would point out that Knit a Cardi in a Month month is June, but only in Australia, or something).  Also in favour – I would wear it when it’s finished.  This is not something I can say about some other sweaters I have knit.  But I have so much other knitting to finish, and that I actually want to do, and the last thing I need at the end of the month is another WIP to add to the stunningly large WIP pile.  (Ed. Note: Stunning is maybe not the right word.  Definitely dangerous.  It’s a pile of half-knits with needles sticking out.  Like a handmade, high-quality, lovingly crafted, toasty warm net.  Full of spikes.  That eats coffee tables.  I’ve seen it, but only out of the corner of my eye.  I try not to look directly at it, lest I provoke it.)

I don’t know if I’m going to do either challenge yet.  But I guess I have a start with the blog for a month.  Check this space tomorrow to see if I make it.  As for the sweater, I have to think about that a little more.  But I guess I shouldn’t think too long.  Time is wasting and November is really not all that long.


2 responses to “What is it About November?

  • bekswhoknits

    Us Aussies do get everything backwards so June could be November.
    All I’m hoping to achieve in November is a photo a day and moving house. A sweater or cardi seems nigh impossible.

    And as usual full props to the Ed for making me snort beer out of my nose (it is the future aka evening time in Aus- I’m allowed to be drinking beer)

  • Richard Rose

    For some of us November is the time things start warming up and there is no way I would even consider making a sweater (not that I could ever complete one in a month anyway). If you hadn’t guessed, I’m also an Aussie. I will also be trying to see if I can write a blog every day but I expect I will fail (is that a self fulfilling prophecy).

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