Well Travelled Knitting

I am a self proclaimed geek.  I love science fiction, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and really most things Joss Wedon.  I’d rather watch movies that make me think (with the exception of Primer.  If anyone can explain that movie to me in ten sentences or less I’d be grateful).  Jersey Shore is not (nor will it ever be) my thing, and reality TV is anything but reality.  The closest I get to turning off my brain and watching silly TV is Supernatural or Big Bang Theory.  So really it’s no surprise that I gravitated to the Nerd Wars group on Ravelry.

I love the little challenges each month and figuring out how to fit my knitting into them.  Team Hellmouth, (that’s for Buffy) has become a little online home for me.  My other Hellmouth team-mates knew about my new job and celebrated with me.  They knew the last year was hard and sent me words of encouragement to get me through it.  And they are wonderful at finding team tie-ins for projects and how to make things fit when you have no idea how to make your projects work.  But each tournament only lasts three months, and then there is a month of hang time as the (truly awesome mods) figure out the next three months of challenges.

So, being a rather industrious group, Cute Critter War was devised to fill in the space.  You don’t knit for a team, you just make critters and fit them into a category.  Normally, I shy away from it.  Not for any reason other than timing.  But this last round, I thought I would play along and even signed up for the Critter Swap.  I was paired up with a woman in the States and sent her this cute little lady.


The pattern is Japanese Ladies and the yarn is left over Knit Picks that I had lying around.  She was easy and fun and my SIL thought it was adorable when I asked to use her glue gun during a visit.  So off this little one went in a box and she started her journey to the states where I hope she has found a happy home with another competitor.

In return I got this little guy.


I think he’s rather lovely and my Hubby chuckles every time he looks at him.  This little guy guards my knitting books and he does it very well.  He stands tall and brings a smile to my face every time I see him.

I’m not sure that I will do the next Critter Wars.  Again, it will just be timing.  And even though I am a fast knitter, I still have so many other projects on the needles that I just don’t know if I have the time.  But, if I do, I think I’ll do another swap.  I think my Little Guy needs a friend.


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