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‘Cause Christmas Isn’t Crazy Enough

If you celebrate Christmas, Merry Belated Christmas!  I hope it was filled with love and happiness.

And for everyone, everywhere, I hope the last few days were filled with warmth, (as in actual working heat), and power, and running water.  I know that depending on where you live, those may not have been things that you had.  In fact some of the people who didn’t have those things lived all around us.

Ice on the other hand is something that a lot of us have had a plethora of.






My hubby and I were very and amazingly  fortunate that we weren’t one of those people and we were able to help out our friends who weren’t so lucky.  We had an impromptu slumber party when one friend was going on day number two without power and the weather was dropping to -20 C/-4F, we took hot coffee and food over to another friend’s elderly parents since she couldn’t do it and with the rest of our neighbours kept their generator running, we ended up hosting Christmas dinner when that wasn’t the plan…..but it worked out fine.  All in all in was just fine and maybe a little busier than we had thought.  But, we were still surrounded by friends and love and that’s really what it’s all about.

I hope your holidays were great and I’m looking forward to 2013 being over.

Not Really a Knitting Update


Hopefully tomorrow I will have one of those.  You see I had blog posts planned for the last week and a bit, but I can’t remember what they were.  I truly mean that.  I’m fairly certain that they had something to do with yarn and knitting.  At least it seems like a logical assumption.  But about 10 days ago I started having a very scratchy throat. About five days after that I started getting sick, well and truly sick.  It was the kind of sick that makes you not eat for four days and that makes you cough up your own body weight in gack.  It was the kind of sick that makes you stare at your knitting in the few minutes of lucid thought that are available in the day and think, not that long ago I knew how to make this yarn and these needles work together to produce something pretty. Today I am not that person.

(Actually today I am the person who realized that it 7:30 pm and I hadn’t brushed my teeth or my hair and really that’s probably okay since I’ve only been awake for about 3 hours and never more than 20 minutes at a time).  And really it wouldn’t matter if I could remember how to knit because my hands ache, my eyes have been replaced by small glowing orbs, and I am painfully aware of every one of my toe nails.  I couldn’t knit even if I wanted to and when I comes right down to it, I didn’t want to. I wanted to curl up and sleep and drink orange juice and do my very best to get any food into my system.  And that lasted five horrid days.

And then, just as I was starting to resemble some level of humanity, my hubby got it since really isn’t that a pillar of a good marriage?  You know sharing things?  Even when those things are fever and gross and whatever the hell else that was.

The point is I literally have very few recollections from the last week and a bit. I think I watched a couple movies. I knit for a grand total of 15 minutes and I coughed and coughed and coughed.

And know I’m trying to finish the Christmas knitting which might happen. But more importantly both my Hubby and I are on the mend and only having minor coughing spasims. And take it from me, if anyone recommends the 2013 flu as a weight loss idea tell them to go hang. It is just not worth it.

Hope everyone else had a better couple of weeks!

YOP Update Dec 8th, 2013


The last two weeks have been a little bit of a blur lost in a the final flurry of assignments and exams.  Somehow,  I managed to finish it all.  With these last two classes complete, I have only my second practicum to do and I am officially done.  Or at least done for now.  My next goal is to get some ASL (American Sign Language) certifications under my belt.  But that’s a whole other set of classes and it can wait until I am finished with this first.

I have, however, managed to sneak in a little knitting.  Sadly, I can’t show too much to you right now as most of it is Christmas knitting.  I am pleased that this year will be a little bit more of a handmade Christmas than last year.  I am the first to admit that last year the bar was set pretty  low for knitting expectations so really it’s not taking too much to beat that.  This year is still not as “handmade” as other years, but at least I’m fairly certain that I will not be having any screaming meltdowns in the mall on Dec 22 while trying to figure out what to buy for my SIL & her husband.

I can however show you this.  This is my Hubby’s Linen Stitch scarf.  (It was impossible to get a good picture of the whole scarf).


Apologies for the picture repeat, but it’s the only one where you can really see the colours.


After some debate I added some tassels to one end.  My Hubby decided that he did in fact want tassels, so onto the other side they went.  I think that they finish the scarf beautifully.


The scarf is easy to make and Linen Stitch is quick to learn.  449 stitches per row is a little bit of a pain and if you do make a mistake and have to tink back it’s about as much fun as knitting with barbed wire would be. It is however, worth the effort in the end.  Which is good, because with the response it’s been getting from people, I see a few more of these in my future.

Hope everyone else had a great fibre filled week.

Twenty Four of the Cutest Little Socks Ever!

Everyone has their own holiday traditions.  I’m fairly certain that is universal regardless of what you celebrate at this time of year.  We all do something that helps to make the holiday our own.  Sometimes those traditions change over the years, and sometimes we add new ones.

This year my BFF started a new tradition in her home for her children involving 24 little lovely crafted handknit socks.  Sometime last year, my friend explained that she wanted to make an Advent Calender for the kids out of little stockings to hang by their fireplace.  She set herself a goal of two socks a month and then raided my sock yarn ends that have started to take over my flat  collect from the Epic Blanket of Insanity.

And then she started knitting.  Every time I saw her she was knitting one of those damn socks.  I have to give her serious Kudos at this point.  With two kids under the age of four at home, I think she used almost every spare second of her knitting time to make these socks.  Me? Can’t say it would have happened.  But then again, and I make no secret of this, I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to my knitting projects and so things take way longer than they should to finish.  If I’d been in charge of knitting that for them, they might have received it in time for next year, or maybe this year in little groups of four or five and then I would make myself insane trying to finish the rest of them on time.  But not Miz K, all 24 socks were in fact finished by December 1st and ready to be hung.

There was however a brief moment of panic when she thought she had either miscounted or lost three socks.  And of course she discovered that while hanging the other socks up.  After a few moments of Miz K  preparing to throw herself off a sheep, (I envision this being the knitterly version of jumping off a cliff), and madly trying to make three more socks in record time, she instead looked in the few places that it seemed logical for three little knitted socks to migrate to; the bottom of the stroller, diaper bag, purse, and other project bags.  A few minutes later she texted back to let me know that she had found them and in that moment all was right in the world of tiny knitted socks.   Then all 24 stocking were hung by the chimney with care and her incredibly fortunate children woke up to a treat.







Each little sock was knit on 2.5 mm needles. She cast on 40 stitches and knit top down. They are essentially a very tiny, plain, straight forward sock. It’s a basic heel flap and a grafted toe.
It’s twenty four days of her children having little surprises to wake up too and yummy chocolate to have as a treat. And twenty four days that her children won’t really appreciate until they are a little older and they realize that not every child has people who knit things for them all the time. But until that happens, this is a great memory for them to be building.