The Last of the Christmas Knitting

Another Christmas has come and gone and with the last of the hand knit gifts given out I can finally show these to you. As any knit blogger will tell you, there might be a lot of knitting in the weeks and months before Christmas, and we knitters might be really busy, but it makes for boring blogging as we can’t put a lot up on our blogs for fear of people seeing things before the all important day. So pictures have to wait and then the wait is over and there is time for sharing.

First up is The Big Snowy Owl.  Originally this owl was meant to be close to two feet tall and made from three skeins of chunky yarn.   I didn’t have any chunky in my stash when I started making it, so I used what I had and added wings.  It turned out fine and as my Husband said, “you don’t need to make Little J a conduit for an imaginary friend”.  This went ot my best friend’s daughter, who has developed a love of all things owl, and apparently she took it to bed with her on Christmas night so I’ll take that as a success.


Next was the gift for her little brother.  Wee O needed something that matched his personality and I really thought that Tony fit that bill nicely.

Cuddly and fierce both at the same time, he is perfect for a growing  little boy who is learning to walk and talk at the same time!  It’s a super fast and easy knit and has no little parts that can be ripped off and chewed on.

Last up is this.


This is Stone.  It is the third year in a row that my friend has requested a gargoyle and it is the third year that I made on for him.  Mr. S seems to have quite the soft spot for these little guys!

So that’s it.  I still have one pair of socks to finish as I will admit that I got super lazy about finishing the socks when I realized that we weren’t going to be seeing my SIL until well after Christmas.  But I am onto the second heel and they should be finished by the end of the weekend.   And then it’s time to really start thinking about the knitting for this coming Christmas.  The last two years my knitting has been hugely impacted by life and it has resulted in less Christmas knitting than I would have liked to have finished.  But not this year.  This year I have a plan!  I even made a spreadsheet.  There will be lots of Christmas knitting this year and even though my MIL thinks it’s funny that I’m planning this early, we all know the truth.  When it comes to Christmas knitting, it’s never to early to start.


7 responses to “The Last of the Christmas Knitting

  • bekswhoknits

    ooh! a spreadsheet!
    that is prepared.

    That little gargoyle is just a little bit cute.

  • A Morning Grouch

    so cute! I love them all, each one I thought, “Oh! I love that one!” and then realized I loved all three.

  • Andrea Morrison

    LOVE that owl! All of the projects are cute but I’d totally be cuddling the owl too. I’ve had stone in my queue for ages. I really should knit one.

  • juliebie

    I love Tony! And I love your idea of a spreadsheet. I am a spreadsheet addict so any excuse for a spreadsheet is a good idea in my opinion.

  • Kim

    Love them all! And you are right, NEVER too early. I am still finishing up one mitt and then have a headband to do to complete a set for a son’s girlfriend who has been out of town for the holidays. Because we would not be seeing her, I pushed her gifts to the side in favor of gifts for folks we would be seeing. I am ready to be done so I can do some selfish “me” knitting!

  • caityrosey

    I’ve been thinking I’ll knit toys next Christmas. I’ve been giving the kids in my life books for a couple of years. Time for something different. Not that one can ever really get tired of well chosen books.

  • Caitlin

    Gorgeous finishes. They look stunning, I love the owl. I’ve already started ornaments for next year, started them technically a year ago!

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