YOP Update January 5th, 2014


Happy 2014 everyone!!!!  Hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve filled with friends, family, and love, (and maybe even a little fibre).

This little update marks two things, my first YOP post of the new year and the halfway point for our 3rd year of projects.  It seems hard to believe that we are half way through!  In the last  six months, I’ve finished 15 projects.  That seems and feels painfully small to me.

If I’ve managed to do this right, every photo should link to the pattern source.



I also have 15 WIPS on the needles which by contrast seems painfully large. (I realize that there isn’t 15 photos here, but I’m not in the mood to dig through the WIP pile to take more).


(The Epic Blanket of Insanity is still enjoying WIP status exemption.  I just can’t seem to put it in the WIP category.  It has it’s own project category – The Project That Will Always Be There).


And that’s where I stand six months in.  Not really where I had hoped to be but the good news is that there are still six months to go.  I can completely turn this around and start year four with a clean slate!

Have a great week and a great later half of our YOP year!


11 responses to “YOP Update January 5th, 2014

  • mmmyc6

    Nice looking photos! Well done! 15 is a good number, because by taking a look at the photos I can tell that some of the items are larger and some are instant gratification… And really… Socks it two items. Just sayin’

  • nonlinearsolutions

    If you finished the Epic Blanket of Insanity – where would I send all my sock yarn scraps?

  • Ylva

    15 FOs is a lot! But I can understand 15 WIPs feels like a lot more.. I’m sure my WIPs outnumber my FOs this year 😛

  • Kepanie

    I like how your photos are all lined up. Puts everything into great perspective.

  • Lucy Bowen

    15 sounds great to me, and you have 15 WIPs and the epic blanket of insanity – good going!!

  • cleancup

    my bee keeper’s quilt is in the same category… and 15 done in 6 months is a lot!

  • Minding My Own Stitches

    The Project That Will Always Be There category! LOL! I guess that’s why I’ve never been tempted by the idea of a sock yarn blanket. Good for you for doing it!

  • Ruth

    15 is loads or it seems it to me, actually 15 is loads in either category. I like how all your projects are lined up gives a nice view all together. I love The Project That Will Always Be There category, that’s just genius! Hope you had a good new year and best of luck with the last 6 months of yop, if you can do 15 in the first 6 months then its a walk in the park for you 🙂

  • kimmery4

    Laughing at your new category! I have a shawl on the needles which seems to fit in that one for now. I have completed 15 items since July also,but unlike you, I was thrilled!! 🙂 I had no idea I had been that productive. Give yourself a pat on the back–it isn’t like knitting is the only thing you have going in your life right now! 🙂
    Hoping you feel better come the end of our year though..

  • Sandra Licher

    You should be proud of yourself. You got lots done…way more than I did. What a great idea to post what you’ve accomplished so far at the midway point. Wonderful stash of projects to pick from too.

  • Lily Razz

    That blanket should have its own category indeed! Because… well… it’s epic! I think you made lots of progress in 6months, especially looking at the status of your WIPs (meaning, some look nearly done!)

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