Daily Archives: January 6, 2014


For the last few weeks most of Canada had been in a little bit of a deep freeze.  (Okay to be honest most of North America has been in a deep freeze).  As I type this a lot of people reading it will really understand what I mean.  It’s been cold, really truly, bone chilling cold.  It’s the kind of cold that makes your car not work and have to be left in a parking lot at work over night so that it can warm up enough in the sun to move.  It’s the kind of cold that makes you wonder if a hat, scarf, mitts, socks, and sweater (in addition to everything else that you have on) is really enough knit wear for a five minute walk to the corner store.  It’s the kind of cold that makes you realize that as you are standing on your balcony for 30 seconds to assess the temperature and watching the ice crystals form in your coffee and that all the squirrels in the courtyard have donned tiny little knitted toques and scarves and that they are chasing the ever elusive and recently believed extinct Urban Penguin.  (Just for the record we all know that they are not penguins.  They are raccoons wearing thrift store sweaters in an attempt to stay warm.  It just happens that the raccoons only wear black and white sweaters.  I wonder if they are colour blind).  (Ed. Note:  The Urban Penguin is, in fact, a raccoon in clothing.  The black and white theme is not because they are colour blind, it is because the other animals never invite raccoons to formal dress balls.  Not that I can blame the other animals, because a raccoon at a formal event is a recipe for scandal. But I don’t blame the raccoons either.  Take any opportunity you can get to wear formal wear.  Tiny, well-insulated formal wear.  Tuxedo snowsuits!)

And I suspect that this “I will never be warm again weather” is what is causing my two blanket WIPS to be getting so much love lately.

First up is Vivid.  I’m still chugging along on this and the stack of squares has grown considerably.  In fact I am well over the half way point!  I’m really looking forward to having this finished.  Not because I am tired of knitting it, I just want to be able to add another blanket to the pile of blankets on the sofa that the Hubby and I currently hide under.



The other is the Epic Blanket of Insanity or the Project That Will Always be There (Ed. Note:  In the spirit of the term WIP, I refer to the EBI as TWE, or The Work Eternal).  There is zero chance that this will be finished before the end of the winter.  But knitting this is like knitting hope in yarn form.  I knit this knowing that when it is finally finished, sometime around my retirement years, (that’s probably at least 20 years from now – for once I’m setting realistic goals for my knitting), it will give me and the Hubby warmth and protection from the cold and something else to snuggle under since we fully intend to still be snuggly 20 years from now.

(Further, and final, Ed. Note: The Editor regrets any typos he may have missed.  I’ve only been inside for half an hour, my glasses still haven’t unfogged.)

I hope that the rest of your are warm and safe and happy.  I have my knitting and whiskey to get me through this long, cold, winter.