YOP Update Jan 19th, 2014


I have to admit it has been a super productive couple in weeks in my fibre world and really I couldn’t be happier.  I finally feel like I am reaching some sort of balance in my knitting life again (though I think some people might use the word obsession instead of balance).  But the point is there has been progress in the last two weeks and I am very happy about it.

Two sets of garlands have been completed!!!!



And that means that two Christmas gifts are finished. The third has been cast on and with any luck the stars will be finished by the weekend. I have no illusions about finishing the whole things this week. But if the stars are finished I will consider it a victory.

My SIL’s 2013 Christmas socks are finished and though they were still on the needles until after Christmas Day, we haven’t seen her yet as she and her husband were away over the holidays. Since we haven’t exchanged our gifts yet, I do not consider the socks late as they were finished prior to getting together and I will not be panicking the night before we see them..


Vivid is coming along at record break neck speed. I have finished six squares in the last two weeks and that means that there are only six squares left to complete. Then I have to put the whole thing together, but I’m willing to take this one step at a time.


And finally the mittens. I’ve almost made it to the last colour change on the first mitt. It’s not an updated photo, but they are still getting love.


So overall, I have nothing to complain about. There’s been fibre and a lot of it. Now somehow this week I need to find some time with my spinning wheel and all will be right with the world.

I hope everyone else had a lovely fibre filled week.


10 responses to “YOP Update Jan 19th, 2014

  • mmmyc6

    What great progress! I love those garlands… And they are for Christmas presents which is fantastic news!

    The SIL socks were nice to see in person and I am so glad that you finished them!

  • cleancup

    I love all the colors. Perfect for battling winter grey!

  • Lucy Bowen

    Love the garlands, going to try to do my own for next year. The colours in those mittens are gorgeous and they look nice and cosy!

  • Sandra Licher

    Love the garlands! Those are so lovely. What yarn did you use? And those mittens are like my dream of being a knitter….if I could ever make those I would feel I had “arrived”. They are beautiful. Good job on the Christmas gifts…I’m still making some but they know with me it is the 12 months of Christmas…not the 12 days. You go girl!

  • kiwiyarns

    Those garlands and projects are really lovely. I love the colours you’ve chosen. I’ve had a wonderful fibrey few days as well. There’s nothing like some concentrated time in knitting world. 🙂

  • Kim

    Oh wow! I am totally in love with those garlands. Your colors are magnificent and right up my alley– I have marked it on Rav in my favorites. Everything else looks great too–but I admit, I am bit obsessed with the stars!

  • Ruth

    Ohhhhh I love those garlands, they are so pretty, I want some, I think I’ll need to go make some. The socks are pretty and of course they are not late if you’ve not exchanged gifts. I can’t wait to see the vivid I can’t believe your only 6 squares away from assembly and I do like those mitts, really prodcutive time of late..oh those stars! 🙂

  • Gracey

    Congrats on getting some things done! The garlands look great..I love the colors for the Vivid!

  • Lily Razz

    Oh my goodnes you HAVE been busy!!! And I love all your projects! The garlands, the blanket, the socks, the mitts, can’t pick a favourite! Yay you!!

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