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I Feel Like a Thank You Speech is in Order

I feel like I should be making an Oscar style thank you speech at this point……

“I’d like to start by thanking all those fibre people out there both virtual and in person who oohed and awed for my project.  Your encouragement did not go unnoticed.  I’d also like to thank the Indy dyers whose hard work and dedication provided me with such beautiful yarns to use.  My BFF who taught me all those many years ago about moving yarn from on needle to another.  This is as much your victory as mine.  And last, but not least, my wonderful Hubby who didn’t even blink an eye when I asked him to steam block my squares for me and instead just pulled the iron out of the closet and said ‘no problem’  All of you helped me down this road and I am thankful to each and every one of you.”  Now cue music and applaud politely while I get dragged off the stage.

The whole point is that Vivid is finished!!!  It’s not just knitted, it’s seamed, and all the ends are woven in.  It is %100 done.

I actually loved knitting this project.  It seemed to have come in fits and starts, but knitting it was a pleasure.  One small note, I used The Magic Loop Method and a long tail cast on.  This meant each square had a little hole in the middle.


Note the little holes

I spent a few minutes before seaming them up and closing each hole with the tail.  I could not wrap my brain around the cast on in the pattern and knew that this would be just fine.

Then came the long and daunting process of sewing 40 squares together into a blanket.  The first 16 went well.  I was almost enjoying it.  Somewhere around the 22nd square it became a labour of love, and by the 30 square it was just plain labour.  The last 3 were torture and I knew that if I stopped they would sit there for months taunting me everytime I saw them.  So I just kept sewing and there in the end, was a lovely little blanket.

I am thrilled that this is finished and I’m just a little bit warmer.

And here it is enjoying it’s glamour shots.




YOP Update March 2nd, 2014


I can’t believe that it’s already March and that means that there are only four months left this year’s Year of Projects.   If you were to look outside my window as I type this you may not actually believe it’s March as it is snowing again!  Earlier this week I flipped the Weather Network the bird as I was drinking my morning coffee, and I have even given up on the excuse that I am a knitter and therefore winter isn’t that bad since I have all this lovely knitted gear to wear when I venture outside.  It is that bad.  It sucks.  I hate it.  No amount of knitted clothing will make me like this winter.  It is never ending and I don’t have enough yarn in my stash to make me feel better about it.  And that last statement is a little laughable, but that’s where I am at.

But, on to what you actually came here for, fibre news.  I realize that there are only four months left of this year and I have finally decided to post a list.  I know this seems crazy, but it’s never too late.  (In slightly related news, I already have my list for next year in mind, but that will have to wait until July).  A few weeks ago I decided that this would be the year to end all WIPS.  I have been very quiet about this.  If you know me either personally or virtually, you know that this is my mantra…..control the WIPS.  But this year it feels different.  I really want it to happen.  And so far it’s been successful and a little challenging, but it’s working.

So, many months in, here is my list and the offences that landed them in the time out pile.    For the purposes of this list a WIP is anything cast on prior to 2014.

Barndom:  Cast on Feb 2013.  This patten is a pain in the arse.  The stitch markers are never quite where they should be and you have to rely on your ability to count.  Since returning to school I realized that I needed simple and this does not fit the bill.  There was no way I could wrap my brain around this pattern until the last few weeks.  So this is the top of my list to finish.  It may also be ending my love affair with Mr.  West, but that’s a whole other rant.

Crazed:  cast on July 2013.  Sometimes you just need a hard copy of a pattern.  I only had digital and it just wasn’t working.  Have a hard copy now.  Expecting great things from this pattern.

September Fingerless Gloves: Cast on Oct 2013.  Fell victim to “too many projects on the needles”.  Nothing else.  Just that.

Nutkin: Cast on March 2013.  Again, too many projects on the needles victim.

Fiddle Head Mittens: Cast on Feb 2011.  Did not have the skills to make these.  They were a serious struggle.  have found the love for them and enjoy knitting them.

Stretch Goal – if I can get to it before July it would be awesome.  Otherwise first on the next list.

Elfe: Cast on Nov 2013.  Saw a women at my LYS wearing one.  Fell in love hard.  Had what I needed in my stash.  Am not really certain why I haven’t finished it.

That will still leave six WIPs on the needles, but this list will be certainly put me on the right track to only having current projects on the needles and will pave the way for some of the larger projects I hope to accomplish with the next YOP list.

Hope everyone else had a great fibre filled week.