Somehow I Knew it Would be Socks

It’s been a while. A long while. There were times in the last few months that I thought about writing again, that little nagging voice in the back corner  of my brain urging me back to the keyboard. But in all truth, I just wasn’t that inspired. I have been knitting, but the groove wasn’t there.  So I waited.  I felt a little guilty when people would ask me when I was going to write again and was flattered when they told me that they missed my blog.  But I waited, knowing that at some point that light would go on and things would click and I would type and words would flow.  And really, because it’s me, I should have known it would be socks.  Socks would bring me back to the fold.  Socks would be my downfall.

I didn’t know it would be these socks when I started them on Saturday.  But by the time I was finished the first one yesterday, (Yes that would be Monday.  And yes you did read that right. I knit a whole sock in just over a day), I knew.  I thought about taking pictures of hourly progress, but I would have had to put the socks down and that wasn’t going to happen.  But let tell you, these socks are freaking magnificent!!!!

So without further adieu, allow my to introduce you to Lumberjack


I love these and since they are made with a heavier gage yarn, the knit up super, crazy fast. Four episodes of Nightvale Radio and the leg was finished. That’s just over an hour. Hour and a half maybe. And I was staring, actually gawking, at the fact that I was a mere three rows away from the heel. Also, I sort of think that these might be the cutest damn, (really autocorrect? I am a grown woman! Yes I mean damn and not dam! I don’t want to make dam socks! What fibre would you even use for that)? Socks that I have made in a super long time. Another huge plus, all that ribbing makes them super flexible with the sizing and if you’re like me and have a sock recipient that has slightly different size feet, these are super awesome.


I will agree with the husband though. Not everybody will get these socks. Non fibre people will likely look at them and shake their heads. You made work socks? The same socks you can get by the bag full for pennies? I sort of envision the whole exchange going down like a Nature of Things special voiced over by Morgan Freeman.
“Note how the sock recipient proudly displays his socks for the non fibre person to admire. This is akin to a plumage display by a peacock and serves two very important purposes. First, it allows the wild knitter’s work to be on display thus allowing her or him to have fibre dominance over the situation. Secondly, it shows the world that the recipient has already been claimed by a knitter and therefore if any other knitter wishes to enter this territory permission must be requested and granted. Watch how the wild knitter answers with confidence, his or hers eye narrowing ever so slightly, “why yes. I did make those.” An astute observer will note the fleeting look of supremacy on the wild fibre person. And as it always happens, the non fibre person sheepishly nods and agrees before slowly backing away. And the wild knitter and the sock recipient smile at each other knowing a secret that the scientific community has yet to decipher”.

And we do. We know the secret. We know that hand knit socks will always be better than store bought socks. We know that these knit up super fast and that they weren’t mass produced by some exploited laborer stuck in crappy working conditions so we could have 25 cent socks that last two months before looking like they were attacked by the mother of all moths. We know that love makes socks warmer. I know that these socks are awesome, and now, so do you.

Because I know that people will be curious, the yarn is Tanis Fibre arts yellow label in sand and poppy. And yes there is only one sock right now. The second looks like this.


But, I have no fear. It will be finished later today.

8 responses to “Somehow I Knew it Would be Socks

  • gracey

    You go girl…..and welcome back! I just made a pair in worsted weight, they didn’t get done quite as fast, but quicker than most…

  • kiwicanuck42

    You’re back! And what a great sock! Three evenings in on mine and I’ve just got to the heel flap. I’m trying these next!

  • kiwiyarns

    Awesome!! Love it, and your great description of sock knitters!

  • Ruth

    Brilliant! Love the sock and I’ve substituted David Attenboroughs voice in the nature program which makes me smile even more. Lovely to have you back.

  • Susan

    These are so cool!! Some of my best knitting is done along with Nightvale 😉

  • kimmery4

    Fantastic socks–I have at least one boy who would love a pair. I hope your holidays have been warm, peaceful and bright and that 2015 finds you in the mood to blog more often–as I am one of those who miss you!

  • Heather

    I took a break from blogging when both health and work turned really horrible on me. I didn’t have any urge to write, and felt I had nothing to share. I don’t think you need to make apologies anyway. Just keep doin what you’re doin! Happy New year 🙂

  • A Morning Grouch

    welcome back! I refuse to even consider blogging when i don’t feel like it. Blogging should be fun, not work (it’s not like i’m making any money off it so really, why go crazy?). I definitely missed you, but get why you’d take a break. I LOVE the lumber jack socks. SOMEDAY i will knit (yea, still don’t. at all). My husband used to cherish handmade socks his grandma made. Someday I’ll make him some.

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