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2014 Finished With a Warm Hands

My last FO of 2014 were a lovely new pair of fingerless gloves.  I knit them while in my SIL’S new house and secretly prayed the whole time that I could finish them even more quickly than I did because that was a chilly house!

Have you ever tried knitting with frigid fingers? I do not recommend it.  My well-practiced fingers became slow and sluggish, and that familiar rhythm of index finger and thumb working together got very confusing.  (Don’t even talk to me about sleeping, or worse, having to time getting out of the shower just after the heat came on.  Let me tell you, you only messed that last one up once!)  But for all my current whinging we did have a great time, and I did get a lot of knitting finished.  And even better, not a single family member ever complains about the amount of knitting I do,  because they all know if they want the knits, they need to let me do the work.   (I do, however have to have a little chat with my BIL about how much wine is too much wine to bring a knitter if you don’t want to watch them have to rip out work the next day while simultaneously cussing and openly weeping.)

But, I did have my last finish while I was there.  These little gloves were a test knit and you can find them here.



These are fast and simple and I love how the cabling runs up the side of each glove instead of the middle.  Half a skein of sock yarn and these puppies are ready to rock.  The hardest part of these gloves was dealing with the house dog, Daisy, who generally reminds me of Eeyore. (If Eeyore had a glue sniffing problem.) She’s a laid back dog, except if there is yarn in the house.  Because the only thing yarn is for is a place her keep her snout warm.  So half the time I was chasing the dog out of my skein and the other half the time she was sneezing in the yarn so I was cleaning the yarn.  FUN!!!!!!!!


Anyway, somehow despite the cold and the dog and the ridiculous amounts of food, I finished the gloves. They were worth finishing 🙂

Pattern: Dunloe
Yarn:  indigodragonfly  Bright lights big city busy highway slow unicorn